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First Colbert, now memoir for “Nun on the Bus” Simone Campbell

If you were one of the many progressive Catholics elated last year by seeing progressive nun/ lobbyist Simone Campbell hit the … Continued

From the road to Emmaus to the Supreme Court

Mine is not the sort of faith that credits divine providence for the goings-on in the world. But even I … Continued

Did Jesus exist?

Did Jesus Exist? Almost certainly yes. View Photo Gallery: Christians around the world raised palm branches in traditional observances launching Holy … Continued

Tea party Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

Animation is not just for kids any more. In fact, there’s nothing at all “Mickey Mouse” about the cartoon video … Continued

Rick Perry, evangelicals and evolution as ‘a theory’s that’s out there’

Melina Mara THE WASHINGTON POST Presidential candidate for the GOP nomination and Republican Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, faced a … Continued

Stay at home daughters: new age feminists or intellectually lazy?

By: Nadia S. Mohammad and Anisah Hashmi, contributors to “Stay At Home Daughters” sounds like a slogan for Wahhabi … Continued

Christian right noticeably absent in conservatives’ fight to “save America”

By Gabe Lyons and Jonathan Merritt Just days away from the mid-term elections, the GOP is inching closer to what … Continued

Opposition to mosque near Ground Zero not ‘Islamophobia’

By Morton A. Klein, Dr. Daniel Mandel In the debate surrounding the Cordoba mosque planned for a site near Ground … Continued

Methinks Jim Wallis doth protest too much

My co-panelist Jim Wallis is shocked–Shocked! to find that using religious language to further a political agenda is going on … Continued

When the Salvation Army enlists in the government

By David Waters Churches and other faith-based organizations that receive government funds, beware. In an agreement that will be enforced … Continued

Richard Cizik’s New Venture

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The Rev. Richard Cizik, the National Association of Evangelicals lobbyist who was forced to resign after … Continued

Looking for Authority and Respect

Archbishop Christodoulos and Gordon Hinckley were both church leaders who commanded enormous respect. Both were members of denominations that are … Continued

GOP Needs a Broader Christian Coalition

Tonight I will be in New York City speaking about religion and politics at the New School for Social Research … Continued

My Great-Grandfather and the Social Gospel

I recently sent Brian McLaren an e-mail introducing myself as the great-grandson of Walter Rauschenbusch. Brian is a pastor, the … Continued

Dobson Warns Republicans; Democrats Glimpse Rapture of Their Own

On Thursday’s Op/Ed page of The New York Times Dr. James Dobson relayed the minutes of a meeting of “pro-Family … Continued

“All Things” in One

Rejoicing over the birth of a child or facing my own death, I’d choose one kind of text. If I … Continued

The Pope is Wrong

“The Pope is right” was my opening line last week. He should have encouraged the bishops of that church to … Continued

Let’s Sort Fiction From Fact and Meaning

What James Cameron’s Discovery film successfully proves is that Jesus sells. What it doesn’t prove is what it claims—that anyone … Continued

With A Loving God, Gender Equality Reigns

Several years ago a friend asked me and a number of her other friends to write essays on what it … Continued

Jesus Is Image of An Invisible God

First, there is overwhelming historical evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really existed and did more or less what it says … Continued