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‘Chick fil-A Appreciation Day’ announced by Mike Huckabee

Tim Carman/The Washington Post The Chick-fil-A sandwich doesn’t come these days without a healthy heaping of the culture wars. When … Continued

Texas school board fights Islamic bias with Christian bias

By David Waters The Texas state board of education, which last May scrubbed “anti-Christian bias” from history textbooks that have … Continued

What’s a Muslim to do? What’s a president to do?

What’s a Muslim to do? What’s a president to do? In a recent Pew Research Center poll, 18 percent of … Continued

Jesus prayer opens Texas textbook meeting

By David Waters Friday’s meeting of the Texas Board of Education, charged with revising the state’s social studies curriculum, began … Continued

Palin’s Christian nation

By David Waters In a speech last week, Sarah Palin promoted belief in God as a form of patriotism, dismissed … Continued

Say Grace, Go to Jail?

By David Waters A Florida high school principal should find out today if he will have to go to jail … Continued

The Value of Learning “About” Religions

The Texas Board of Education, the nation’s second largest purchaser of public school textbooks, is revising its K-12 social studies … Continued

Patriot’s Bible Markets Rage

The New Patriot’s Bible recovers an old tradition found among at least one of the founding fathers; i.e. privileging the … Continued

Gay Pride Event vs. National Prayer Day

By Jacqueline L. Salmon In a little-publicized event, President Obama has invited gay rights leaders to a White House reception … Continued

Will Obama Seek the Truth?

What did you think of President Obama’s commencement speech Sunday at Notre Dame? How will the Notre Dame controversy change … Continued

Obama: The Christian as President

Recently President Obama made a series of important speeches in Western Europe and in Turkey. He said that “the United … Continued

NFL’s Loss Is Society’s Gain

It’s clear from everything that’s been written about Tony Dungy’s retirement from the NFL that his faith is a large … Continued

Obama, McCain, Palin and Religious (In)Tolerance

Ignorance and intolerance of the faiths or lack of faith of others is a huge problem in a world where … Continued

Powell’s Words a Lesson for McCain

It is my belief that John McCain disqualified himself from being an effective leader of this country about a year … Continued

Jesuits and Shariah

In high school, the Jesuits taught me that to find a principled answer to any question, it had to be … Continued

‘Daft’ Is the Right Word

The British have a wonderful way with words. The issue is more than political correctness. We are being “daft” by … Continued

It’s almost Talmudic!

Politicians have a long history of garbling the message when they get in front of the camera. Like this. Or … Continued