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A Very Undead Christian Right

We are hearing a great deal about the emergence of America into a “post-Christian right” era—meaning, essentially, that liberal religious … Continued

Reclaiming the Center

The presidential campaign this year, as it did four years ago, has become too focused on the religious beliefs of … Continued

Huck to Constitution: Get Right With God

This past Monday, as most of America now knows, Mike Huckabee effectively told the Constitution that it had better get … Continued

Will “Agents of Intolerance” Return to SC?

As I think about what lies ahead for the Republican Party the phrase “pier-sixer” keeps coming to mind. What, pray … Continued

Ever-Present Political Panderers

‘Twas the night before Christmas And all through the House Not a brain cell was stirring Though non-Christians groused. But … Continued

The Biggest (Republican) Losers

I know many registered Democrats who are exemplary, civic-minded Americans. They do not view national elections as mere contests, games … Continued

Tired of Faith and Values Campaigning?

Is it just my imagination or are Faith and Values issues less central to the current campaign than many of … Continued

“God? Yes! Theocracy? No!”

I consider it to be one of the most important campaign developments of 2008 that every major aspirant for the … Continued

Rudy Double Dares Christian Right

It is difficult to draw conclusions about the extraordinarily unscientific straw poll conducted at this weekend’s so-called values voters summit. … Continued

Giuliani’s Worst Nightmare (Part II)

Yesterday I conjured up a hypothetical faith-based calamity that might strike the Giuliani campaign. Today, there is no need to … Continued

Doctors Are Not Gods

This question was undoubtedly inspired by the many disturbing reports about doctors and pharmacists who place their personal religious convictions … Continued

The Faith of a Muggle

Just in case you have been living on Mars for the last decade, Muggle is the term used in the … Continued

Mormons: Time Sanctifies Everything

After only 180-plus years, Mormonism is indeed entering the world of American mainstream religion–that fatuous realm in which speaking ill … Continued

True Islam has been Distorted

While the atrocities and acts of terrorism committed by violent extremists have connected Islam with terrorism, the Islamic tradition places … Continued

Apocalyse Now

I believe that the “end of the world” theologies of the radical Christian Right helped to get us into the … Continued

Disagree With Me And You’re a Bad Jew

Can you be a “good Jew” and not support every action taken by the Israeli government? You might as well … Continued