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5 Reasons Christians Should Stay in the Middle East

Western Christians should not help ISIS achieve religious cleansing in the birthplace of their faith.

4 Spiritual Lessons Muslims Can Teach Christians

Christians have much to learn about seeking God from the spiritual disciplines of Muslims.

6 Problems with the Evangelical Church

Can we save the modern church from its theological bankruptcy?

10 Things You Should Know About Christians Around the World

Here are a few things I learned about the church worldwide after traveling to 13 countries.

10 Myths Christians Believe About Other Christians

Faulty assumptions can torpedo conversations before they begin. Here are 10 myths to watch out for.

Jesus Was a Jew — Get Over It

A Q&A with award-winning writer James Carroll on how Christians misunderstand Jesus.

Why Millennial Christians Can’t Get Their Spiritual Stuff Together

Only in going backwards will Millennial Christians truly move forward in our spiritual journey.

7 Bible Words to Use When Talking to Evangelicals and Pentecostals About Climate Change

People concerned about climate change must draw the world’s fastest-growing Christian groups into the conversation.

Poll: More Americans Want More Religion in Public Life

A new Pew Research Center survey shows more Americans worrying about the decline of religious influence in policy and politics.

President Obama’s Plan of Attack Won’t Save Iraq’s Displaced

The United States’ military strategy in Iraq ensures further pain, suffering, and chaos in the region.

Someone Tell the President: Iraqi Christians are Dying

In the case of Iraq’s religious minorities, the Obama White House’s time delay has had deadly results.

Recent Pew Survey Reveals How Americans Feel About Religious Groups

Americans view Jews and Christians warmly, while atheists and Muslims get the cold shoulder.

How Do We Rise from the Dead? Let Me Count the Ways

Five modern visions of life after death.

The Evolution of Anti-Trafficking Campaigns in the Church

After a trip to Svay Pak stirred my desire to fight human trafficking, I was surprised to find that I initially faced resistance from people in the church.

Why Evangelicals Won’t See “Noah.” And Why They Should.

Let’s not go all Chick-fil-A this time around. Let’s offer an olive branch to Hollywood instead.

Christians in Libya Cast Anxious Eye at Religious Freedom

Movements towards Shariah law may endanger Christian freedoms in Libya.

War On Thanksgiving?

There are lots of reasons for the season, some good and some bad.

A godless apocalypse

According to modern astrophysics, the world will end when our sun runs out of hydrogen, its primary solar fuel.

How Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Here in the U.S., Halloween is regarded as a fun day for kids to dress up and go trick-or-treating. However, … Continued

God? Yes; Organized Religion? No

Part 22 of the OnFaith Forum “Disbelief in the Pulpit.”