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Why Church Isn’t Optional for Christians

Here are eight reasons you shouldn’t stay home this Sunday. Or any Sunday.

How I Found God in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley may be known for technology and innovation, but this Baby Boomer found Jesus there.

Who’s Really Demeaning the Bible, Anyway? A Q&A with Rob Bell

The estranged evangelical pastor on his critics, the Bible, and giving Jesus a fresh hearing.

When Sitting Out Is The Best Thing For Your Soul

Saying “no” is hard, especially to good things. But sometimes it’s what your soul needs.

Blessed Are the Ones with Questions

I found a whole new life in Christ waiting on the other side of my spiritual “rummage sale.”

The Future of the Church Belongs to Millennials

Millennials are incredibly diverse — so how can the church adapt to engage this generation?

We Need Messy Churches

The son of a gay dad and lesbian mom on how to think about LGBT people at our churches.

The Lost Mission of Staying Put

Here’s how to be missional: move “into the neighborhood,” stay there, and care for the people.

4 Reasons Christianity Isn’t Actually Dying

Reports of churches declining and Nones growing are actually a case of mistaken identity.

7 Things I Learned While Working at a Megachurch

Megachurches are just as busted and fumbling as the rest of us — it’s why I love them.

Is There a Biblical Difference Between Happiness and Joy?

Modern distinctions between happiness and joy are counterintuitive — and unbiblical.

Five Truths That Will Motivate Millennial Christians

If churches advertised fewer programs and more of Jesus, maybe Millennials would stick around.

5 Mistakes You Probably Make Reading Romans

We miss out when we read Paul’s letter to the Romans from our own worldview.

Why Collaboration Is Essential to the Death, Life, and Future of the Church

Collaboration originates from communion and reveals some of the mystery of death and resurrection.

How I Survived Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

Seeing God as the Divine Disco Ball saved me from the spiritual crisis of my twenties.

How Christians Should Respond to Gender Dysphoria

What if we found meaning in all of our reality (including suffering) that is in need of redemption?

5 Questions to Ask Before You Take a Ministry Job

“Do you feel called to this church?” is the wrong question to ask. Try these instead.

Are Women the Solution to the Porn Epidemic?

A wife can’t be her husband’s accountability partner, but she can be supportive.

The Church’s Sex Problem

Our sexuality does not compete with our spirituality — it completes it.

Pastors: 10 Tips For Setting Wise Boundaries

Christian leaders must learn to use — but not abuse — their power.