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Witchcraft and the White House

If Joe Biden and Sarah Palin aren’t asked about religion in their upcoming debate, that would be healthy. The fact … Continued

Evangelical Call for Endorsements

Jesus ate with reviled tax collectors, a scandal to religious authorities at the time, but as far as I can … Continued

No Theocracy Here: Saddleback Does What American Christians Have Always Done

And lo it is a few days after the Saddleback Civil Forum and the republic is still safe. Extremists on … Continued

No Atheists in Recessions

Apparently there are no atheists in foxholes or in recessions. The Washington Post survey of low-wage workers in the United … Continued

Obama Passing “No Religion” Test

Watching the Oregon returns on CNN last Tuesday night, I was intrigued by an odd statistic: among those who described … Continued

Pope Benedict and the Mystery of Two Worlds

The Question: What can Pope Benedict XVI say and do to repair the growing rifts between the Vatican, the clergy … Continued

The Ecumenical Age May Be Past

The Question: Pope Benedict’s recent baptism of a well-known Italian Muslim has prompted criticism in much of the Islamic world. … Continued

Making Room for New Neighbors

For people in the U.S., the Archbishop’s recent statements are easy to misunderstand. Many of us assume that England is … Continued

No Saint, But I Am a Latter-day Believer

I’m sorry to disappoint those of you that were expecting a clean cut, return missionary, BYU student to fill the … Continued


I couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback by this article in today’s Washington Post. Apparently American churches have found … Continued

A Need for More Articulate Questions and Answers

I suppose one has to consider this kind of discussion by Democratic candidates to be refreshing, when compared to the … Continued

The Long Road to Lent

Strict observance of Lent was not a significant feature of my religious heritage. To be an Episcopalian in my Mississippi … Continued

Protect Religious Liberty

I wish to respond to this question by quoting Justice Hugo Black, writing for the majority of the Supreme Court … Continued