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Genesis and the Fall

Today we have yet another sad reminder of the fact that we live in a fallen, cursed world: News that … Continued

Church in China Strong, Growing

The past few weeks, I have been traveling in the U.S. – Los Angeles, Hawaii, New York City, and Washington, … Continued

In All Fairness, Media Distorts

Fair is not the right word. The reputable media struggles to be fair. Generally, however, the media distortion comes from … Continued

We Can’t Abandon Fundamental Moral Laws

This week’s two questions are captured in just 20 words, and yet they drill into an issue that has become … Continued

The Archbishop and the Secret Police

The dramatic resignation this past Sunday of the newly installed archbishop of Warsaw, Stanislaw Wielgus, who admitted to having agreed … Continued

Turks Troubled by Pope’s Refusal to Apologize

Pope Benedict’s visit to Turkey comes at a critical time in the Papacy’s relations with Islam and Muslims. However, it … Continued