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Democrats gather in the heart of Billy Graham country

The host city for the Democratic National Convention is not a particularly political place. Charlotte, N.C., is known for three … Continued

It’s Official: Coke and Pepsi are OK for Mormons

SALT LAKE CITY — Maybe now, reporters, bloggers, outsiders and even many Mormons will accept that the Utah-based Church of … Continued

Seventh-day Adventists facing pressure on allowing female clergy

Two U.S. regional groups of the Seventh-day Adventist Church have recently approved the ordination of women pastors, moving faster than … Continued

Defense team says ‘compassion’ fueled Amish beard-cutting attacks

CLEVELAND — No one disputes that followers of Amish bishop Samuel Mullet Sr. used horse-mane shears last year to forcibly … Continued

Mars Hill Bible Church names Rob Bell’s successor

GRANDVILLE, Mich. — Mars Hill Bible Church has appointed a new teaching pastor, months after founding pastor and well-known author … Continued

In Philadelphia parks, churches fight to feed the homeless

Church ministries have been feeding homeless people in Philadelphia’s public parks for decades – not as a charitable gesture, but … Continued

Paul Ryan, Joe Biden: A tale of two Catholics

The 2012 presidential campaign could bear a new subtitle: A Tale of Two Catholics. For the first time in U.S. … Continued

Legacy of Vatican II at heart of dispute between Vatican, U.S. nuns

AMITYVILLE, N.Y. — Fifty years after Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council to modernize the Roman Catholic Church, … Continued

Poll shows Catholics side with bishops on religious liberty, but warm to Obama

WASHINGTON — A new poll shows that American Catholics tend to agree with their bishops’ concerns that religious liberties are … Continued

Southern Baptist leader Richard Land to retire after ethics probe

Richard Land, the man who became the public face of the Southern Baptist Convention on ethical and political issues for … Continued

Pennsylvania pastor and church charged in mock raid, kidnapping

HARRISBURG, Pa. — It was supposed to be a realistic lesson on the dangers missionaries sometimes face overseas. But after … Continued

What was Romney like as a Mormon bishop?

Lani Gerson left the Mormon Church long before Mitt Romney came to excommunicate her. Gerson, 65, grew up in Arizona … Continued

George Zimmerman on Trayvon Martin shooting: ‘All God’s plan’

In a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity that aired Wednesday, George Zimmerman said that he did not regret getting … Continued

Despite doubters, mainline Protestant churches are poised for success

Conservative commentators like Rupert Murdoch’s stable and Ross Douthat of The New York Times are feasting on what they perceive … Continued

On Catholic oath of fidelity: It’s about time

Tracy A. Woodward THE WASHINGTON POST Kathleen Riley, left, and Alison Carroll, right, stand next to St. Ann Catholic Church … Continued

The Monsignor Lynn Conviction and a Decade of Crisis in the Catholic Church

TIM SHAFFER REUTERS Monsignor William Lynn walks from the courthouse after the jury finished deliberating for the day in his … Continued

T.D. Jakes on 35 years in ministry

Cooper Neill Broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien co-hosted a fete celebrating the 35th pastoral anniversary of Bishop T.D. Jakes, who is … Continued

Southern Baptists approve alternate name, but barely

NEW ORLEANS — Members of the Southern Baptist Convention narrowly accepted the alternate unofficial descriptor of “Great Commission Baptists” as … Continued

Being pushy is OK when you’re pushing back

“What if the ‘dowager queen’ threatens to pull her pledge when we start to make changes?” a participant asked me … Continued

American nuns call Vatican talks ‘difficult’

Relations between the Vatican and the American nuns who are under investigation seem to be worsening after the sisters said … Continued