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Water initiatives get congregations to pledge to conserve

RNS () — At an interfaith summer camp in northern New Jersey, two dozen children explored a swamp to learn … Continued

Reformist priest sees potential ally in Pope Francis

WASHINGTON — An Austrian priest who’s been banned from speaking at Roman Catholic churches during his three-week U.S. tour said … Continued

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby puts focus on ‘reconciliation’

COVENTRY, England — As the new archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby is spiritual leader to nearly 80 million Anglicans around … Continued

All eyes on Texas, S.C. church property fights

When disgruntled congregations have left hierarchical denominations such as the Episcopal Church, they’ve often lost property battles as civil courts … Continued

S.C. Episcopalians say split goes beyond gay debate

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — The night before the Diocese of South Carolina announced its secession from the Episcopal Church two … Continued

S.C. diocese defecting from the Episcopal Church

The Diocese of South Carolina announced on Wednesday (Oct. 17) that it has disaffiliated from the Episcopal Church, escalating a … Continued

Episcopal clergy convicted after N.Y. “Occupy” demonstration

NEW YORK — A retired Episcopal bishop and a Harlem priest were among seven people convicted Monday (June 18) on … Continued

Catholic bishops to scrutinize Girl Scouts

The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops are reviewing the church’s long-standing ties to the Girl Scouts of the USA after complaints … Continued

Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Cuba benefits both Vatican and the Castros

When Pope John Paul II visited Cuba in 1998, he called for the island nation “to open to the world … Continued

Breakaway Anglicans ordered to return property by April 30

A Virginia judge has ordered seven congregations that broke from the Episcopal Church to return all property to the local … Continued

The phony war on religion

In their relentless search for enemies to loathe and not love (sorry, Jesus), right-wing politicians have assumed yet another victim … Continued

Va. Supreme Court rules for Episcopal denomination in property dispute

By Michelle Boorstein Virginia’s Supreme Court struck a blow to Anglican conservatives Thursday, ruling against nine congregations who split from … Continued

Virginia Supreme Court to rule on Anglican-Episcopal church property fight

By Michelle Boorstein There’s some news in the ongoing infighting among American Anglicans. Next week will mark a turning point … Continued

Rome’s new home for Anglicans

By Austen IvereighAmerica magazine contributor Rome today has announced a legal means for disaffected Anglicans to become Roman Catholic while … Continued

Say Grace, Go to Jail?

By David Waters A Florida high school principal should find out today if he will have to go to jail … Continued

Update: Lawsuit Involving Episcopal Breakaway Churches

By Jacqueline L. Salmon For those of you keeping track of the lawsuits involving the 11 breakaway congregations in Virginia … Continued

Sotomayor, the ERLC, Parham and the Facts

In his OnFaith article (originally titled “SBC More Partisan than Senators on Sotomayor”), Robert Parham claimed the ERLC has lost … Continued

The True Cost of Episcopal Property Battles

This week, a judge in Faifax County, Va., will hear the last round of arguments in a church property case … Continued

When Bishops Fight

Cardinal Roger Mahony invoked Canon Law to ban Auxiliary Bishop Geoffrey Robinson of Australia from speaking on Church property in … Continued