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Moore: ‘Christians who boycott voting are opting out of civic responsibility and neighbor love’

“Christians who boycott voting are opting out of civic responsibility and neighbor love. [Abstaining on Election Day is] more akin … Continued

Neither Obama nor Romney? Some Christians vote for’None of the Above’

Is it a sin not to vote? Or perhaps a virtue? The question may seem surprising, especially in a nail-biter … Continued

Never forgot: Lessons from Judaism on how to cope with Alzheimers

Courtesy Trish and George Vradenburg Trish and George Vradenburg at the National Alzheimer’s Gala. Twenty years ago, we lost Trish’s … Continued

Faith and social justice

“The black church, as we know it, is dead.” This was the claim made by my friend and Princeton professor, … Continued

Justice for Veterans and the Vulnerable

By Bruce EpperlyLancaster Theological Seminary, and Contributor to There is a long-standing discussion about the role of the secular … Continued

Teach Tolerance: It’s the Biblical Thing to Do

The Texas Board of Education, the nation’s second largest purchaser of public school textbooks, is revising its K-12 social studies … Continued

“Heal the Sick”: Why Public Health Care is a Christian Duty

By Aana Marie VigenProfessor of Christian Social Ethics, Loyola University Chicago Does expanding public health care equal “socialism?” Some say … Continued

NAE Names New Lobbyist to Replace Richard Cizik

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The National Association of Evangelicals has kept it in the family in naming a new lobbyist … Continued

Richard Cizik’s New Venture

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The Rev. Richard Cizik, the National Association of Evangelicals lobbyist who was forced to resign after … Continued

Bishops (plural) vs. Bishop (singular)?

On October 5, I listened to Bishop Joseph Martino’s Right to Life Sunday letter for all the churches of the … Continued

Poor at Center of Evangelical Debate On Global Warming

Editor’s Note: Quotes about climate change are incorrectly attributed to the National Evangelical Association’s 2004 “Evangelical Call to Civic Responsibility.” … Continued

Only Bad Capitalists Go to Heaven

The Catholic Church teaches that only bad capitalists go to heaven. If you are a “good” capitalist who believes in … Continued

The Economy: Between Cynical Fear and Penitent Hope

“Are the economy’s recent financial failures also moral failures? Are credit and debt religious issues? Do you have faith in … Continued

A Burning Need: The Religion/Science Imperative

Fire is a multivalent biblical symbol. Fire scourges the earth as the end of days approaches; fire also means the … Continued