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Yes, The Bible Will Disturb Your Emotional Health

If ever there was a book designed to challenge and make you uncomfortable, it’s the Bible.

Absurd Questions All Religion Majors Get Asked

Yes, I study religion. No, that doesn’t mean I’m converting or becoming a clergy member.

Agnostics Anonymous

My religious transformation was difficult, but I’m grateful to know both sides of the spiritual coin.

How a Rabbi Made Me a Better Christian

I learned more about being Christ-like from a Rabbi than any Christian I know.

Why Millennials Should Take Religion More Seriously

Religion is not just a placeholder for other interests — it is a powerful motivator.

I Need You To Like Me, Really

Finding out who we are is the first step in a long walk towards loving ourselves and others well.

InterVarsity Banned from Two Dozen College Campuses

California State University says the Christian group’s leadership policy conflicts with its state-mandated nondiscrimination policy.

10 Things Every College Student Needs to Know About Religion

I love teaching students about religion. But we’d go deeper and further every semester if everyone understood these 10 basic ideas.

No sex on campus?

Catholic and Muslim women are finding that while theological differences run deep, shared views on modesty, chastity, and dignity run deeper.

A Religious And Secular Studies Major

It’s not enough to teach students about world religions and ignore millions of people who find meaning in their life without appeals to supernatural forces.

Welcome to the Navy, Ma’am

Somehow ‘they’ deserve less peace than us. As a follower of Christ, can I accept that?