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What Tony Blair meant about Islam

(Photo credit: Patrick McMullan) Globalization will be the greatest force for good in the 21st century, but it will also … Continued

COMMENTARY: NBC’s ‘Save Me’ may need rescuing

Mixing religion and entertainment, as NBC has tried to do with its new prime time TV sitcom “Save Me,” starring … Continued

Boston bombings and the radicalized homegrown terrorist

This photo released by the FBI shows who the FBI was calling Suspect No. 1, in black cap, and Suspect … Continued

An evangelical prayer for immigration reform

Today, in Washington, D.C., hundreds of evangelicals from across the country gathered to worship, pray and meet with legislators to … Continued

Muslims detail fear from NYPD spy probe

Muslim and civil rights organizations say a New York Police Department program to secretly monitor Islamic communities has created so … Continued

Two continents, one soul

Picture the scene: a prematurely aged woman lies on a disheveled bed in her rudimentary home in rural Uganda. Diagnosed … Continued

Lesbian answers bishop’s call for dialogue on gay marriage

SPOKANE, Wash. — What do you do when your spouse of 10 years — the person you’ve spent a decade … Continued

Senate hearing holds key to understanding homegrown hate

GETTY IMAGES OAK CREEK, WI – AUGUST 10: Family and friends and community members gather at Oak Creek High School … Continued

Sikhs deserve the dignity of being a statistic

GETTY IMAGES Community members pay respects to the six victims in the mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin … Continued

This turban stays on

GETTY IMAGES Family and friends and community members gather at Oak Creek High School to mourn the loss of 6 … Continued

Two Sikh American activists: Let’s retire ‘mistaken identity’

GETTY IMAGES Family and friends and community members gather at Oak Creek High School to mourn the loss of 6 … Continued

Counter-protesters targeting Westboro Baptist Church

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Thousands of people wearing red shirts gathered in this city’s downtown Saturday (July 21) to honor an … Continued

John Galliano and Orange County protests: what motivates religious hate?

By Eboo Patel and Samantha Kirby. This week, lauded Christian Dior designer John Galliano was fired for anti-Semitic comments he … Continued

Sharia law ban proposed in Tennessee

By Elizabeth Tenety State Sen. Bill Ketron speaks outside the Senate chamber in Nashville on Feb. 14, 2011. (AP Photo/Erik … Continued

Little that Obama can do to dissuade detractors

President Obama’s 10-day Asia trip includes visits to India and Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country. The president chose not … Continued

What President Obama left out in his UN speech

By Bishop Neil IronsExecutive Secretary, Council of Bishops, United Methodist Church I believe that God weeps with us for every … Continued

Obama Administration To Highlight Interfaith Volunteerism

By William Wan The White House will announce an effort Tuesday to highlight interfaith volunteerism. President Obama’s United We Serve … Continued

Obama’s Faith-Based Opportunity

JUST LAW AND RELIGION By Michael Kessler Perhaps lost in the swirl of reporting about the financial meltdown, there has … Continued

Unkind Cuts

FAITH IN ACTION By Katherine Marshall Gender, sexuality, and religion have plenty of third rails – topics where passions run … Continued

How Have I Found God?

I was asked by the Chaplain’s Office to give a presentation next week for their series entitled “How Can I … Continued