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For Sikhs and Muslims, fear after a terror attack

With the news that two suspects of the Boston Marathon bombing are accounted for, one dead and the other in … Continued

Passover discomfort over slavery

As Jewish people and our friends and guests sit down to Passover Seders, we will hold the Passover matzo aloft … Continued

Ready to come out as pro-gay? Welcome to the club.

MARK RALSTON AFP/GETTY IMAGES The t-shirt of a activist during a gay rights rally on March 4, 2009 against the … Continued

The moral mandates around gun control

JONATHAN ERNST REUTERS A copy of the book ‘Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games’ sits at … Continued

‘Muslims for Life’

On September 1, 2011, I launched the “Muslims for Life” campaign at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. I … Continued

A verdict on faith-based partnerships under Obama and Bush

“Obama stimulus pours millions into faith-based groups,” read the title of a December 3, 2010, Politico article. It reported that … Continued

Muslim extremism stems from alienation

By Hussein Ibish The recent arrest of Farooque Ahmed on charges of conspiring with undercover law enforcement officers to bomb … Continued

LGBTQ find unexpected hope

Today’s guest blogger is Robert Chlala, a Campus Engagement Associate at Interfaith Youth Core. He has worked with youth community … Continued

Labor Day religious lessons

As we celebrate Labor Day with barbeques and final trips to the beach this weekend, Americans should take a moment … Continued

Moral case for financial reform

By John GehringCatholics in Alliance for the Common Good As financial reform legislation stalls in the Senate for the moment … Continued

Banks as good neighbors

By Lucy Kolin pastor, Resurrection Lutheran Church in Oakland, Calif. As a parish pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in … Continued

Going glocal: a World Bank parable

FAITH IN ACTION By Katherine Marshall Believe it or not, the term ‘glocalization’ has entered the vocabulary enough to appear … Continued

Fort Hood shooter attacked Muslims, too

By Muqtedar KhanDirector of Islamic Studies, University of Delaware The American Muslim community is experiencing shock, disbelief and apprehension as … Continued

Realizing the (Muslim) American Dream

Today’s guest blogger is Zeenat Rahman, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Interfaith Youth Core, where she oversees policy … Continued

Obama Administration To Highlight Interfaith Volunteerism

By William Wan The White House will announce an effort Tuesday to highlight interfaith volunteerism. President Obama’s United We Serve … Continued

Obama’s Faith-Based Opportunity

JUST LAW AND RELIGION By Michael Kessler Perhaps lost in the swirl of reporting about the financial meltdown, there has … Continued

Government Money For Religion Equals Government Favoritism Of Religion

It will hardly be news to readers of this column that I consider all government funding for faith-based community organizations … Continued

Obama’s Community Organizing: The Thousand Points of Light?

Barack Obama’s years of service as a community organizer were disparaged during last week’s Republican National Convention. Of course, the … Continued

Speak for Yourself

Today’s guest blogger is Erum Ibrahim, a rising senior at DePaul University majoring in International Studies and Political Science. Erum … Continued

Love and Other Faith-Based Initiatives

Al Gore (D-Baptist) called it a “carefully tailored partnership,” as if church and state should just wear matching uniforms. George … Continued