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Jim Wallis’s moral vision

In my work as Executive Director of Interfaith Youth Core, I get to be on stage with a lot of … Continued

Secular Americans: Take Heed!

FAITH COMPLEX By Jacques Berlinerblau Today’s altogether fun interview with Katie Paris, program and communication director of the group Faith … Continued

Pastor Rick’s Evolution

Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration has been characterized as — at best … Continued

Biden, Palin Focus on Issues, not Ideology

After a campaign overflowing with God-talk – the Compassion Forum and the Saddleback Forum , Obama’s reaching out to Evangelicals … Continued

Biden Not the Faith-Based Answer

In terms of Faith and Values politicking, it’s kind of hard to get psyched up about the prospect of Joe … Continued

Saddleback Forum — a Catholic View

As a Catholic priest I found the Civic Forum at Saddleback Church a bit weird. I kept wondering what would … Continued

McCain Wins with Home Field Advantage

The hands-down winner of Saturday evening’s Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency was John McCain. The loser was American secularism. … Continued

Hillary’s Biblical Role Model

At CNN”s Compassion Forum ( in April, both Democratic candidates for President were asked about their faith. At one point, … Continued

Hillary’s Amazing Grace with Religious Voters

Much has been said over the past few weeks about the fatal, tactical missteps made by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. These … Continued

The Intellectual Evangelicals

Having had the weekend to further reflect on the Evangelical Manifesto, I am happy (and relieved) to report that I … Continued

The Evangelical Manifesto

This week a group of scholars and theologians released the “Evangelical Manifesto” at the National Press Club. It is a … Continued

Good Works on the Campaign Trail

The “Compassion Forum”, sponsored by Faith in Public Life and held at an evangelical college in Pennsylvania, did put an … Continued

Religion and Politics Can Mix

There were many winners at Sunday night’s Compassion Forum at Messiah College and no discernible losers as far as I … Continued

Obama at the Compassion Forum

Imagine being a Muslim kid in Pakistan or Indonesia. Every time you hear an American politician talking about Islam, it … Continued

Obama’s Tone Deaf Statement on the Faithful

Last week Obama said he thinks he’s had trouble winning over working class voters in part because they have become … Continued

Obama, Clinton Put on Their Sunday Best

As I get ready for this Sunday’s Compassion Forum, I keep repeating to myself the French maxim: “Les absents ont … Continued