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Perils and politics of inaugural prayers

Justin Sullivan GETTY IMAGES U.S. President Barack Obama (L) and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (R) listen as Rev. Luis … Continued

The shotgun marriage of tea party and evangelicals

In the wake of the Tea Party candidates that rode the GOP wave into the House of Representatives last Tuesday, … Continued

Clergy plotting to defeat president

Conservative Christian leaders are plotting against President Obama, hoping to do to him what they did to President Jimmy Carter: … Continued

Snubbed by Pentagon, Graham leads National Day of Prayer event at Capital

Evangelist Franklin Graham prayed briefly on a sidewalk outside the Pentagon Thursday morning, then moved to the Cannon House Office … Continued

Catholic, Evangelical leaders team up to fight abortion, same-sex marriage

By Michelle Boorstein A highly influential group of conservative Christian leaders are releasing a document today that they have been … Continued

A Christian case for same-sex marriage

Most media coverage of the D.C. Council’s steps toward civil marriage equality for same-sex couples has followed a worn-out script … Continued

Hating the Hate Crimes Bill

By David Waters A hate crimes bill has passed the House and is expected to pass the Senate as early … Continued

4 Ways to Judge “Values Voter Summit”

By Robert P. Jonespresident, Public Religion Research This weekend, conservative Christian activists will gather at the fourth annual “Values Voter … Continued

Miss CA: Devil-Tested, Donald-Approved

Now that she has been tempted by The Devil and blessed by The Donald, Carrie Prejean (still Miss California USA) … Continued

No Day of Prayer Event for Obama

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The National Day of Prayer White House event is history — for now. The White House … Continued

Christian Right Takes on “Terminator”

A major Christian Right organization is calling out Republican California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the latest broadside in the post-election battle … Continued

Poor at Center of Evangelical Debate On Global Warming

Editor’s Note: Quotes about climate change are incorrectly attributed to the National Evangelical Association’s 2004 “Evangelical Call to Civic Responsibility.” … Continued

Rudy Double Dares Christian Right

It is difficult to draw conclusions about the extraordinarily unscientific straw poll conducted at this weekend’s so-called values voters summit. … Continued

Giuliani’s Worst Nightmare (Part I)

Consider this the first installment in my “Presidential Campaign Managers’ Worst Faith and Values Nightmare” series. (Your applause and shouted … Continued

Is the Evangelical Vote Irrelevant?

A whole bunch of things have gone awry for Republican White Evangelicals in the run-up to the 2008 election. First … Continued

Evangelicals Not Behaving Badly: The Romney Candidacy

I am about to raise my glass, cautiously, soberly, to a few Evangelical Christian leaders. Let me stress that I … Continued