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Vatican fields cricket club in bid for dialogue with other faiths as sport and religion merge

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican served tea and cucumber sandwiches Tuesday as it launched its first cricket club, an initiative … Continued

Can Pope Francis help end the culture wars?

Francis’ words may be the push needed to keep the Catholic faith above the mess of American politics.

Francis, the peace pope

Francis’ anti-war rhetoric is quickly earning him a unique place in papal history.

Keep Christ in Easter

It is common to hear calls to “Put Christ back in Christmas,” but not so common to ask the same … Continued

Is religion dying –or reinventing?

For decades, Americans have been turning toward spirituality as a protest vote against conventional religion. In the last dozen years, … Continued

Beatify the man, not his politics

The May 1st beatification of John Paul II will not bestow the title “the Great” on the first Polish pope. … Continued

In Norway, taking religion seriously

By Katherine Marshall FAITH IN ACTION When pitfalls of the modern godless secular state are decried, Norway is often invoked … Continued

Is Sharia law reconcilable with modernity?

By Ali Gomaa Among the claims made against the man behind the mosque near Ground Zero, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, … Continued

A prince, not a theologian

Speaking before the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, Prince Charles of England declared that “the Islamic world is the custodian … Continued

The priesthood’s dark valley

Last Friday, at the liturgy marking the end of “The Year of the Priest,” Pope Benedict XVI once again addressed … Continued

Retiring Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas resigned Monday from her position as a syndicated columnist for the Hearst Corporation, in the wake of her … Continued

Human and religious limitations

Q: The catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a widening environmental, economic and political crisis. Is it … Continued

Faith in the Post 9/11 World

I came of age in the multicultural movement of the 1990s. We read Cornel West essays and watched Spike Lee … Continued

An Atheist Defends the Value of Religion

By Bruce Sheimanauthor As an atheist, I approach religion much like an economist. I believe religion persists in our market-based … Continued

A Papal Cry of Pain

The world has heard a papal cry of pain. For me, that is the best way to characterize and understand … Continued

Thin Line Between Religions and Cults

A Baltimore mother accused of joining a cult and starving her child says she was acting on her religious beliefs. … Continued

Thin Line Between Religions and Cults

In exchange for her cooperation, Maryland prosecutors have offered Ria Ramkissoon a reduced charge in the case against Queen Antoinette … Continued

Truly Catholic and Truly Homosexual

Among Catholic homosexuals this December 2008, all is not “merry and gay,” despite the holiday singing. While there was some … Continued

Darfur & the Olympics: A Jewish Lament

Today’s guest blogger is Rabbi Or N. Rose. Rabbi Rose is associate dean of the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College … Continued

A Common Word for Christians, Muslims

A dark and dangerous storm of Christian-Muslim tensions is menacing the world in which we live. Not since the days … Continued