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Disciples, Let’s Take Back God

I believed in God, sure. But it took meeting a true disciple to realize how wrong I’d been.

Why Your Church Needs to Listen to the Culture

The next Christian witness will look more like the “unchurched” than the “churched.”

Yes, Even Non Christians Can (and Must) Do Good

A homily from the pope on why thinking only Christians can do good is not Christlike.

How Evangelicals Can End the Culture War

As evangelicals, we need to reclaim the Great Commandment and Great Commission.

7 Subcultures of Shame in America

Shame is very much a ubiquitous, usually invisible scourge in American culture.

Hey Missionaries, Here’s What One of Your Converts Has to Say About You

Three ways missionaries can engage the existing culture rather than replacing it.

Who Is a Jew? What Is a Christian?

Both Jews and Christians argue about who they accept into their respective camps.

How to Engage Culture as a Christian

What Aretha Franklin, Lecrae, and “Left Behind” teach us about engaging “Christian art.”

“Noah” Spurs Debate Pitting Art Vs. Bible

Where do evangelicals draw the line between artistic interpretation of the Bible and blatant disrespect?

The Lego Movie’s got religion

The supposed children’s movie is replete with worldview references for those willing to pay attention.

Richard Sherman’s Reality TV

We recoiled at Richard Sherman’s post-game outburst on national television. We should have embraced the opportunity for true Reality.

Why the Anti-Abortion Movement Must Start by Changing the Culture

If we are serious about stopping abortion, we must be serious about engaging people.

Science Is Not Democratic

Given how the influential Religious Right opposes the teaching of evolution… we are becoming one nation undereducated.

Militant Atheism Vs. Militant Christianity

What do atheists want? We want the same rights and privileges as everyone else in our secular country.