Dark Night

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Pope Francis identifies with regular Catholics

Pope Francis made a significant push Thursday toward his vision of a more pastoral, less doctrinaire Catholic Church, saying the … Continued

Can grief be a mental illness? With new diagnostic changes, maybe

Each year 90,000 parents in the U.S. confront the profound suffering that follows the death of a child or adolescent. … Continued

Is God the missing character in’Downton Abbey’?

The third season of the megahit PBS series “Downton Abbey” wraps up on Sunday (Feb. 17), capping another must-see run … Continued

Robert Griffin III falls: For Redskins fans, a dark night of the soul

It was just a week ago that a hush fell over FedEx Field when Robert Griffin III fell for the … Continued

A survivor’s story

A pivotal image in Jewish tradition is that of Jacob wrestling with the mysterious stranger in the dark of night. … Continued

Journey to put God front and center

In the memoir Eat, Pray, Love, writer Elizabeth Gilbert gives up her entire way of life to spend a year … Continued

The priesthood’s dark valley

Last Friday, at the liturgy marking the end of “The Year of the Priest,” Pope Benedict XVI once again addressed … Continued

Not all abortions are evil

It may be that Catholics have overemphasized the child’s right to life and failed to properly include the mother’s right to life in our public discourse.

The audacity of biblical hope

By Evan Drake Howardpastor, author At first the words didn’t make sense to me. I heard the Very Rev. Alan … Continued

Limbaugh’s Unrighteous Hold on Christian Right

By Robert ParhamExecutive Director, Baptist Center for Ethics Rush Limbaugh told what he thought was a joke to a cheering … Continued

Belief in God Essential for Moral Virtue?

A growing sector of world civilization is secular; that is, it emphasizes worldly rather than religious values. This is especially … Continued

Compassionate Faith: Not an Oxymoron

Regrettably, often when people think of faiths they remember the worst of it. Each tradition has its own history of … Continued

New Atheists, Old Realities

As far as I can see, the New Atheists have been slowly executing a strategic retreat. Many seem to admit … Continued

Starhawk’s Fall/Winter Schedule

Starhawk’s Fall/Winter Schedule: * The Spiral Dance — October 27, San Francisco * Samhain ritual — October 28, Sebastopol * … Continued

Belief is Harder than Disbelief

The “revelation” that Mother Teresa endured a dark night of the soul proves beyond a doubt that atheists and non-believers … Continued

Not Even Saints are Perfect

Mother Teresa’s doubts make me like her more. Her doubts make her more human.Many people think that saints are perfect … Continued

We Live By Faith, Not Certainty

I am surprised at the flurry of discussion and concern about this aspect of Mother Teresa’s inner life, because spiritual … Continued

Old News, Ancient Experiences

The current press conniption over Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta amounts to a tempest in a teapot, although one that … Continued

Wrestling with God

This is why Mother Teresa is a SAINT! She lives in my SOUL! Doubt is essential to an authentic life … Continued

Dark Ages of the Soul

If I can find God, I must first do it by humbling myself.