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The Siren and Our Sacred Calling

If we don’t feel the world’s pain, it’s not spiritual practice, but the practice of denial.

When God Saves on Death Row

God put a death row inmate’s death on hold — and instead brought him an unlikely family.

Taking on the Posture of God

Transforming the world seems like a futile aspiration, but it is our great calling.

I Brought My Fiancé to America. He Brought Ebola. God Saved Us Both.

How God helped me when the world turned against me.

Death Sucks (But Not For the Reason You Think)

The real reason death sucks? It ruins God’s original intent.

10 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

There are four words you should say to someone grieving a loss — these aren’t them.

Is This What the Kingdom of God Is Like?

If Jesus says the kingdom is at hand, why is the world is full of so much pain and hurt?

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jesus’ Death

What are some things we often miss about history’s most famous execution?

10 Things You Should Never (Ever) Say to Someone with Cancer

Here are some ill-advised things people have said to me as I’ve been battling cancer.

How to Deal with Grief at Christmastime

Four tips for dealing with loss during the holidays.

Ghostly Grief: On Miscarriage and Loss

What do you really lose when you lose a pregnancy?

The Economics of Modern Death: How Money Shapes the End of Life

Death and dying are becoming more and more expensive, but few of us are counting the cost.

What This Summer Taught Us About Humanity

Three unrelated tragedies brought to collective memory three persisting truths of the human experience.

Why Even Atheists Can Believe in Heaven

The universal experience of death gives rise to the universal belief in heaven — even for non-religious people like me.

Robin Williams Lived

In light of the 63-year-old comedian’s death, here are five things you can do to help prevent suicide.

Thomas Young and the Myth of Autonomy

Young’s culture taught him that being dependent is to be avoided at all costs. But Christians know that this American myth is a false and dangerous.

Tim Russert, Man of Faith

Life was the race that was most important to Tim Russert and he won it by a landslide.

Seventh Day: I Imagine That Today I Am to Die

What would you name the chapters of your life?

Notes from the Underworld

What do we, the living, owe the dead?