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Democracy minus freedom equals tyranny

Opponents of Morsi pray in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Anti-Morsi protesters have set up camp in the square, the site … Continued

Family Research Council shooting: Time to change the conversation from demonizing to finding common ground

GETTY IMAGES Local and federal investigators work to gather evidence after an employee was shot in the arm at the … Continued

Guidelines seek line between free speech, bullying

WASHINGTON — When Sally tells Jimmy that he’s going to hell for believing in a false religion, is that Sally … Continued

Why does it matter how Gaddafi died?

THAIER AL-SUDANI REUTERS Libyans wait in line to see the corpse of Muammar Gaddafi in a meat container in Misrata … Continued

Newt Gingrich’s Catholicism and his 2012 penance

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich speaks to a cheering crowd during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Thursday … Continued

Americans, Egyptians want ‘G-d’s standards’ in government

Mike Huckabee, the conservative former Arkansas governor, this weekend said that he is concerned about Islam’s role in Egypt’s future. … Continued

Shooting underscores need for civility

After Saturday’s tragic shooting in Tucson, some have pointed the finger at inflammatory political rhetoric. Many singled out Sarah Palin’s … Continued

Onward Christian voters?

By David Waters Here we go again: Another national election, another chance to divide the wheat from the chaff, the … Continued

The 23 state solution

Mideast peace talks resume this week, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveling to Egypt and Israel for negotiations between … Continued

Controversial Islam scholar says he’s now in the middle

By Michelle Boorstein I had a very interesting chat yesterday with Daniel Pipes, who is considered one of the most … Continued

What would Muhammad draw?

By Arsalan Iftikharattorney, founder of In light of the recent South Park cartoon controversy surrounding ‘depictions’ of the Prophet … Continued

If you receive government funds you must follow the rules

Q: If a church or other religious charity receives government funding, should it follow all government rules, including those against … Continued

How to win friends and influence people

Q: Is there a problem with proselytism overseas by U.S. religious groups? Isn’t sharing one’s faith part of religious freedom? … Continued

Tilting at symbols

Q: What’s your reaction to Sunday’s decision by voters in Switzerland to ban construction of minarets, the slender towers from … Continued

Referendum strikes at the heart of Islam

Q: What’s your reaction to Sunday’s decision by voters in Switzerland to ban construction of minarets, the slender towers from … Continued

Religion Must Be Part of Afghan Solution

Q: Eight years after the U.S. attacked Afghanistan, fighting continues. Religious extremists in the Taliban and al-Qaeda retain significant power … Continued

Catholic America as Secular Model

Secularism is often considered the result of atheism, but history disproves that myth. American Secularism is a form of public … Continued

Sarkozy Out of Line

President Obama recently criticized a French law that prohibits Muslim girls and women from wearing body- and face-covering garments in … Continued

Abortion and Slavery

Pro-life advocates often compare their cause to the 19th century anti-slavery movement. Just as heroic leaders mobilized the public to … Continued

Laughter, the Best Islamic Medicine

Election-related turmoil in the Islamic Republic of Iran