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Why “Serial” Should End with “I Don’t Know”

How the popular whodunit podcast speaks to our need for certainty.

‘How America’s war on terror became a global war on tribal Islam’

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of “The Thistle and the Drone: How America’s War on Terror Became … Continued

Rep. Walter Jones: Dick Cheney probably going to hell for Iraq War policy

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Congress will not hold anyone to blame [for America’s wars in the Middle East]. Lyndon Johnson’s … Continued

Osama Bin Laden anniversary: Torture apologists try again to justify the unjustifiable

Musadeq Sadeq AP This May 3, 2011 file photo shows Afghan newspapers in Kabul, Afghanistan headlining the killing of al-Qaida … Continued

Is the GOP ready to see women as equal under God?

“Game Change,” HBO’s move adaptation of the Mark Halperin and John Heilemann book about the 2008 presidential election, has drawn … Continued

Burqas in airports, guns in bars

I am as close to being a First Amendment absolutist, on both freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression, … Continued

Is EWTN still Catholic?

Success often tempts the vain into going a step too far. That is my diagnosis of what is happening at … Continued

Discussing politics and religion at the dinner table

Several years ago we had a screening and dinner party for C.C. Goldwater, the granddaughter of Barry. She had just … Continued

Is It a Sin to Listen to Rush?

At this point of the 21st Century, Rush Limbaugh occupies a unique place. Locating him on the radio dial, however, … Continued

Cheney’s Support for Gay Marriage

By Jacqueline L. Salmon It’s not often (OK, maybe never) that you find Dick Cheney to the left of Barack … Continued

Torture is Wrong in So Many Ways

The UN Convention Against Torture states that torture should be abolished because it violates “human dignity.” From your perspective, what … Continued

The Bishops We Need

It’s one thing to oppose political policies like abortion and stem cell research: it’s quite another to clothe that opposition … Continued

Controlling the Catholic Brand

For about a decade and a half, there have been no Conservative Catholics in America. Looking at the media during … Continued

The Devil In Ms. And Mr. Jones

Of course Satan exists, and he/she looks like a combination of Ann Coulter and Dick Cheney, with Dick’s twisted mouth … Continued

Obama’s Screw Up

President Obama yesterday gave five interviews in which he said that the “self-induced injury” of two of his appointees having … Continued

A Renewed Faith in Public Life

It’s a better country than I thought it was. I honestly wouldn’t have thought this possible. I guess I would … Continued

Pack the Bags and Fold the Tent of Fear

Fear about the Economy or Anger on the Campaign Trail? The moral bankruptcy of the McCain-Palin is apparent for all … Continued

Methodists, Politics, and Bush’s Library

The fact that George W. Bush wants to build a library, any library, is cause for celebration. So why are … Continued

NEW BLOG: Political and Spiritual Change

With neither George Bush nor Dick Cheney on the political landscape, both Republicans and Democrats in the presidential race are … Continued

Enough of Heaven and Hell

Oh, for heaven’s sake. This question irritates the…inferno out of me. Of all the pointless, utterly childish notions associated with … Continued