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Kosher atheists? Obama adviser breaks with his faith but still abides by its rules

Usually when a person ditches religion, he or she also happily ditches the antiquated rules and regulations that go along … Continued

Passover: a Seder invitation to all

Passover is not simply a Jewish holiday; it is an invitation to be free and a method for achieving freedom. … Continued

Religious leaders should promote marriage for all

A new survey out this week from the National Marriage Project shows that marriage is an institution in decline in … Continued

The unholy (s)election of Bristol Palin

I feel for Bristol Palin.  Here’s a plucky young woman who signed up for “Dancing With the Stars” knowing she … Continued

Discussing politics and religion at the dinner table

Several years ago we had a screening and dinner party for C.C. Goldwater, the granddaughter of Barry. She had just … Continued

What would Tim Russert do?

Tim Russert was a premier journalist and a good man. After his memorial service I stood outside the Kennedy Center … Continued

God, Death and Obituaries

To me, one of the most desirable jobs in newspapers has always been in the obituary department. Blame it on … Continued

Losing My Religion, American Style

How are we to interpret the Pew survey that more than a quarter of adult Americans have left the faith … Continued

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Muslim Dirty Laundry

When I wrote an article for this website a few months ago called On Muslim Antisemitism, a Muslim friend of … Continued

Einstein and the Mind of God

For his entire life, as he delved into the mysteries of the cosmos, Albert Einstein harbored a belief in, and … Continued

Conveying That Faith Is A Most Ordinary Thing

My wife and I are at the very beginning of this particular journey. Our children are four and two, and … Continued