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Muslim women and the Olympics: Historic firsts

Jae C. Hong AP Actors perform in a sequence meant to represent Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) perform during the … Continued

Filmmaker switches sides and now opposes mosque

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — An outspoken supporter of a planned mosque that has sparked opposition in Murfreesboro, Tenn., has switched sides … Continued

Witnesses, blood and spiritual complications

By Joel P. Engardiowriter, documentary filmmaker Blood transfusions and Jehovah’s Witnesses make dramatic stories. Life and death determined by religious … Continued

Forgive Haiti’s debt

By Rev. Steven D. MartinExecutive Director, New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good Imagine your best friend borrowing your credit … Continued

Where the hajj takes us

By Anisa Mehdijournalist, interfaith educator AMMAN, Jordan – Here in Jordan, American domestic news, such as the horror of Fort … Continued

Good News for Gay Christians

By Joel P. Engardiowriter, documentary filmmaker There’s an online group of 13,000 gays who profess their belief in Christ. The … Continued

Prop 8 Ruling a Blow to All Minorities

By Joel P. Engardiowriter, documentary filmmaker Religious supporters of Proposition 8, the voter initiative that banned same-sex marriages in California, … Continued

Our Gay Christian Neighbors

By Joel P. Engardiowriter, documentary filmmaker Near San Francisco’s gay center, past the hill where Castro becomes Divisadero Street, a … Continued

Pro-Liberty, Not Anti-Mormon

The lights of local TV cameras seeking gay-on-the-street sound-bites illuminated the darker part of Broadway on the Upper West Side … Continued

The Struggles of a Minister of Death

I had breakfast a few weeks ago with acclaimed documentary filmmaker Steve James whose work includes “Hoop Dreams” and one … Continued

Films that Divide, Films that Unite

Walter Lippman once said, “The way in which the world is imagined will determine at any given moment what men … Continued

Is It Good for the Jews?

In the 20th Century no group was better at chronicling its own experience than the American Jews. You want self-loathing, … Continued