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Stephen Colbert: Catholicism’s best pitch man?

The day after Easter, in a small studio in New York City, in the span of three minutes and eleven … Continued

Stupak, Casey, Pelosi: The all-Catholic winning team

The historic vote that made health-care reform into law ends a three-decades’ old anti-abortion strategy. The ground has shifted from … Continued

Catholic Professors Debate Obama, Abortion and Role of Church

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Last night, Catholic law professor Douglas Kmiec, a high-profile supporter of President Obama, took on Catholic … Continued

Obama Surprises with Vatican Envoy Choice

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Miguel Diaz, President Obama’s pick for U.S. ambassador to the Vatican comes as a surprise to … Continued

Blogosphere Buzzes about Sotomayor’s Catholicism

Douglas Kmiec, professor of constitutional law at Pepperdine University and a Catholic who famously endorsed President Obama during last year’s … Continued

Notre Dame Commencement Could Get Ugly

By Jacqueline L. Salmon As the days tick down to President Obama’s commencement appearance at the University of Notre Dame … Continued

A Pro-Choice Ambassador to the Vatican?

THIS CATHOLIC’S VIEW By Thomas J. Reese, S.J. “Vatican Unhappy with Obama Ambassador Picks,” scream the headlines. The only problem … Continued

Health Workers and Religious Exemptions

By Michelle Boorstein Well, President Obama’s faith outreach team says they welcome disparate viewpoints. A group of faith leaders, including … Continued

Catholics Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop on Abortion?

While pro-life marchers brought to Washington DC by Catholic diocesan agencies carried posters depicting President Barack Obama with Hitler’s mustache … Continued

Bishops Must Rethink Anti-Abortion Strategy

Northeastern Pennsylvania is the most Catholic part of the United States. According to local experts, 80 percent of the population … Continued

Catholics Go For Obama

Catholic voters ignored the instructions of a group of vocal bishops and delivered 54% of their vote for Barack Obama … Continued

Bishops (plural) vs. Bishop (singular)?

On October 5, I listened to Bishop Joseph Martino’s Right to Life Sunday letter for all the churches of the … Continued

Something New in the Abortion Debate

After decades of debate over abortion, something new has occurred this year. First, the Democratic Party is now not just … Continued

Wrestling With the Theo-Con

The only thing worse than a politician posing as an intellectual may be an intellectual posing as a politician. The … Continued

A Stalled Pro-Life Movement

The other day, I was stopped for a traffic light behind a car with more bumper stickers than bumper. “Save … Continued

Catholics Have New Reasons to Rethink Abortion Politics

Both John McCain and the Democrats are giving Catholics reasons to reconsider which party can and will do more to … Continued

WFB, Jr.: The Primordial Cafeteria Catholic

I suppose I should be thankful that Romesh Ponnuru has invoked once again the cant of Catholic conservative apologists about … Continued