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A Jewish call for justice for prisoners in solitary

(Matt York/AP) For many of us in the Jewish community, the long-awaited breaking of the Yom Kippur fast signals the … Continued

NAACP’s William Barber emerges as leader of Moral Monday protests

RALEIGH, N.C. — The throngs of demonstrators who flock to the grassy knoll outside the North Carolina Statehouse each Monday … Continued

The very personal ethics of prenatal testing

(Bigstock photo/ ) Every pregnant woman has decisions to make about prenatal genetic testing, and it’s not as simple as … Continued

The Muslim world needs a ‘women’s uprising’

While the rest of the world enters a new year, the Arab world is stuck in some archaic ways of … Continued

The birth control pill’s 50th anniversary: science, reason and women’s rights

On May 9, 1960, the Food and Drug Administration approved the marketing of the first birth control pill in the … Continued

Can Zoroastrians save their faith?

By Deena Guzder Many of us recently finished celebrating Christmas, Eid, and Hanukkah; however, few of us have heard of … Continued

Thanking God for condoms . . .

By Donald E. Messerexecutive director Center for the Church and Global AIDS In my new book called “52 Ways to … Continued

Battle for Muslim Hearts and Minds

Are young Muslims going to be bombs of destruction or bridges of cooperation? That’s the central question asked in Christiane … Continued

The Pope and Peoria

For decades now, politics in the United States has tested relevance to Middle America by asking: “How will it play … Continued

Catholics Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop on Abortion?

While pro-life marchers brought to Washington DC by Catholic diocesan agencies carried posters depicting President Barack Obama with Hitler’s mustache … Continued

Killing Children in Gaza and Israel

Here’s a simple premise upon which people of good will agree: Killing children is wrong. Perhaps that seems far too … Continued

No Peace Without Pluralism

Five weeks after the disputed Presidential election in Kenya, the news from that beautiful East African country just keeps on … Continued

The Gospel According to Bill

Bill Clinton should have been a preacher, not a politician. In his address at the closing plenary of the Clinton … Continued

WHY Women are More Religious Than Men

In my most recent posting on women and religion, I raised the baffling question of why women are more religious … Continued