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Why All the Dead Babies?

Especially at Passover, we have to conform scripture to our morality, not the other way around.

The Trial of the Muslim Brotherhood

The result of the trial is likely to entrench the polarization between Egyptians for some time to come.

Salafis try their hand at religious politics

Since the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Salafism has been struggling to maintain its image as a sacred ideology.

Religious freedom isn’t just an American value

The religious pluralism that now prevails in the United States took hundreds of years to emerge, and it is still tested by bigotry and discrimination.

Radicalizing or de-revolutionizing Egypt?

The fact that Morsi won could be a sign that something was changing in the political culture of Egyptians. Perhaps they are becoming more open to experimenting and risk taking.

Government machinations and religious strife in Egypt

Despite the sentiment among citizens that they are equal regardless of religion, oppression of minority religions is enshrined in Egyptian law.

Peace from Boston to Egypt

Interfaith in an interconnected age

Notes from the Underworld

What do we, the living, owe the dead?

Like an Egyptian

I will never again read of Israel’s toil in the desert without profound empathy. And I had bottled water.

Moses, the Mountain and Me

While there is ample room to get lost in the deserts of Egypt, there is no place to hide. The fragility of life, and the inevitability of death are the constant backdrop.