Elective Abortions

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Seventh-Day Adventists and abortion

Christians of all denominations are gathering on the National Mall today to protest the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, … Continued

Bishops seek health care that’s universal

By Sister Mary Ann Walsh The health care reform discussion goes on and on and seems to be the same … Continued

Life in the 112th: no money for abortion

While focus on the ObamaCare repeal vote is sure to dominate political news next month, there is significant pro-life legislation … Continued

A ‘sham’ executive order and ‘unenforceable’ abortion restrictions

By Marjorie Dannenfelser Catholics United thinks it’s going to convince one of the savviest voting blocs in America that black … Continued

Health care reform and executive order did not prohibit federal funding for abortion

William Saunders A Response to Chris Korzen of Catholics United In a Guest Voices blog post for On Faith at … Continued

Pro-life movement and GOP politics: an unholy alliance

By Chris Korzen Self-proclaimed pro-life groups with close ties to the Republican Party are spending millions of dollars in a … Continued

Health care for life and for all

By Bishop William F. Murphy, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo and Bishop John Wester For decades, the United States Catholic bishops have … Continued

Why is Senate hiding from Hyde?

By Sister Mary Ann WalshDirector of Media Relations, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops The thousands of pages in the health … Continued

Catholic sisters challenge bishops on abortion, health reform

By David Waters Hard to say which men will find this more troubling, U.S. Catholic bishops or Glenn Beck, but … Continued

Politics of health care ‘reform’ can make you sick

By Sister Mary Ann WalshU.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Catholic bishops have urged the government to reform our ailing health … Continued

Abortion’s Vote for Obama

When Barack Obama admitted to Joe the Plumber that he planned on spreading the wealth around, he didn’t mention that … Continued