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Quebec moves to ban religious headgear for public employees

TORONTO — Quebec’s separatist, secular-minded government plans to move forward with a controversial bill that would ban religious headgear for … Continued

It’s pro-life to care for the poor. It’s also patriotic.

Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of Network, speaks during a stop on the first day of a nine-state Nuns on … Continued

Southern Baptist Richard Land passes baton to Russell Moore

WASHINGTON — In a generational changing of the guard, Southern Baptists are gaining a new advocate for their values in … Continued

Boston bombings bring chaplains into new ground

BOSTON — Two days after the Boston Marathon bombings, Boston Medical Center chaplain Sister Maryanne Ruzzo was checking on staffers … Continued

Catholic hospital says fetus defense was ‘morally wrong’

Legal advice trumped church teaching when a Catholic hospital in Colorado tried to defend itself in a wrongful death lawsuit … Continued

As flu outbreak spreads, faith leaders preach caution

As the flu outbreak spreads across 48 states, some religious leaders are advising their flocks to take precautions, but others … Continued

Living 24/6 in a 24/7 world

The news is overwhelming. Hurricane Sandy has left many underwater and out of power. Iran and North Korea want a … Continued

The Jesus mandate vs. Obama’s mandate

Recently the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a mandate: Virtually all employers, including Catholic schools, hospitals and … Continued

Letter from Israel: Gilad Shalit comes home

Uriel Sinai GETTY IMAGES Supporters of captive soldier Gilad Shalit celebrate on his arrival to his home on 2011 in … Continued

Where We Worship: First Baptist Church of Glenarden:

A hush fell over the more than 2,000 parishioners at First Baptist Church of Glenarden as Nick Vujicic was lifted … Continued

Why do we have children?

By Timothy DalrympleColumnist at Patheos.com I hate the memory of it. I hate it. I hate how stiff my daughter’s … Continued

An appeal by an Islamic scholar to Grand Ayatollah Khāmene’i of Iran

The following is a personal appeal by Ambassador Akbar Ahmed to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Ali Hoseyni … Continued

Whose hallowed?: Ground Zero, mosques, and American questions

By Rosemary R. Hicks President Obama used a telling phrase on Friday when he supported American Muslims’ Constitutional rights to … Continued

Mom jeans

By Rev. Susan Baller-ShepardPresbyterian minister When President Obama threw out the first pitch at the All-Star Game in St. Louis … Continued

Human right to comfort the dying — and decide who comforts us

On rare occasions, a news development forcefully reminds us of what it means to be deprived of a basic human … Continued

Health care for life and for all

By Bishop William F. Murphy, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo and Bishop John Wester For decades, the United States Catholic bishops have … Continued

A lesson in moral courage and urgency

By Steny HoyerU.S. House Majority Leader Just as the civil rights movement held an ideal vision of the possibilities of … Continued

God looking down on health-care summit

In the name of God who — I was taught — loves all of us and wants none of us … Continued

Politics of health care ‘reform’ can make you sick

By Sister Mary Ann WalshU.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Catholic bishops have urged the government to reform our ailing health … Continued

Healing America’s Sick Soul

Health-care reform is an economic, political and medical issue. But On Faith panelist and evangelical leader Jim Wallis says it’s … Continued