Environmental Degradation

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Creation Is in Crisis. What Are We Going to Do About it?

How Christians respond to climate change reflects how they love God’s world.

Quakers for Climate Change Action

Why the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) is leading a call to conscience on climate change.

Pro-Life Movement: Not Just for Abortion Anymore

Members of a “new evangelical” movement promote a broadening conception of the term “pro- life.”

For Catholics, a new kind of pro-creation

Strap on your sandals, Catholics, during this Holy Week journey into Jerusalem. Pope Francis is guiding the global church towards … Continued

Peace begins in the gay-friendly home

VINCENZO PINTO AFP/GETTY IMAGES Pope Benedict XVI arrives to lead an ordination mass at St Peter’s basilica at the Vatican … Continued

Economics, human welfare inexctricably tied

In President Obama’s meetings with Chinese President Hu Jintao this week, should discussion of human rights and religious freedom be … Continued

Having faith in Haiti

By Uma Viswanathan Today, on the first anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, I am reminded of a popular Haitian spiritual: … Continued

Eco-friendly Christian theme park confounds

When Answers in Genesis (AIG), a Christian ministry in northern Kentucky announced that it was going to build a new … Continued

What President Obama left out in his UN speech

By Bishop Neil IronsExecutive Secretary, Council of Bishops, United Methodist Church I believe that God weeps with us for every … Continued

Animal rights and human wrongs

Q: Expensive and time-consuming efforts are being made to rescue and rehabilitate animals threatened by the Gulf oil spill. Do … Continued

The BP oil spill and religious environmental ethics

Q: The catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a widening environmental, economic and political crisis. Is it … Continued

A woman’s sacred right to choose

Can you be a feminist and oppose abortion in all circumstances? Can you be a person of faith and support … Continued

God of Earthquakes and Uncertainty

How does modern theodicy bridge the gap between good and evil, especially in the wake of natural disasters and scientific uncertainty?

Gore’s convenient half-truth

Q: In response to Sarah Palin’s recent claims that climate change is based on “junk science and doomsday scare tactics … Continued

Moralism without morality

Unorthodoxy By Patrick J. Deneen A recent post on this site raises some serious issues, and I think reveals a … Continued

New Voice for Evangelicals

Since 1942 the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) has spoken to cultural and political issues through the NAE Office of … Continued

The Uncertain Future of Evangelical Voters

Before Hillary Clinton conceded the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama, I wrote a column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution entitled, “WWJD? … Continued

Two Faiths, One Planet

A remarkable event took place in Washington this week. The National Association of Evangelicals hosted a delegation of six Moroccans—including … Continued

A Real To-Do List for the Church

“A child was born in Chicago today, and you could put on his birth certificate: + 35 years of life.” … Continued

Gospel Politics

What the gospel portraits of Jesus of Nazareth and contemporary politics have in common is that both were and are … Continued