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God Must Be Proud of Atheists

If God is love, God must love atheists, too.

Despite Everything, We Must Risk Delight

The battle between good and evil plays itself out among human beings here on earth.

6 Reasons I Celebrate Halloween with My Kids (Even Though I’m a Christian)

My parents took Halloween away from me, and I don’t blame them. But I’m letting my kids keep it.

Jesus’ Five-Part Strategy for Dealing with ISIS

Can the evil of ISIS be overcome with good? Or is bombing them our only hope?

What This Summer Taught Us About Humanity

Three unrelated tragedies brought to collective memory three persisting truths of the human experience.

I Know Satan When I See Him

Why I love all the dark and scary stories my fellow Christians tell me to avoid. 

Is Faith in the Devil a House of Cards?

Some Christians think that if they don’t believe in the devil, their faith will fall apart. Maybe they need to play more poker.

Church of England’s Alternative Baptism Liturgy Drops Reference to Devil

The Church of England de-devils its liturgy.

‘Super’ Typhoon Haiyan: Suffering and the Sin of Climate Change Denial

These “superstorms” aren’t an “act of God,” but an act of willful disregard for God’s creation.

Like God, Satan is Everywhere

Satan knows exactly our mindset, and works it to his advantage.

Light to the World

There are everyday saints among us.