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Five Christian Theologies Scarier Than Halloween

Here are some christian theologies that will prove halloween should be the least of our nightmares.

Brazilian evangelist has big plans for U.S.

NEW YORK — The apostle bellowed in Portuguese to a packed crowd in a rented Astoria, Queens, church. “Get out, … Continued

Republican Paul Ryan still has a Randian problem

Four years ago, when it was discovered that Sarah Palin attended a Pentecostal church in Wasilla, Alaska, the question ‘What … Continued

Who would rally against reason?

March 24th is a landmark date for Washington, D.C. Thousands will converge on the world’s leading capital city to celebrate … Continued

Tim Tebow, faith and the Super Bowl

   View Photo Gallery: The quarterback for the Denver Broncos has become a polarizing figure in football, in part because of … Continued

Understanding the Catholic approach to the paranormal

John Madill AP Dan Smith of St. Joseph, Mich, has been decorating his yard for twenty-one years, including a haunted … Continued

In defense of exorcism

Catholic exorcism has recently been in the news this week, and some people are scared. Perhaps the people who are … Continued

Halloween: sugar-filled revelry or religious ritual?

By Elizabeth TenetyWhy do Americans love Halloween? Halloween, as religion reporters like to remind readers every October 31st, is an … Continued

Spirituality makes a comeback

A recent Pew survey points to a drift away from institutionalized religion and a robust tendency towards spirituality. I’ll leave … Continued

Modern Witch Hunts

FAITH IN ACTION By Katherine Marshall Years ago, while traveling with my children in Africa, I heard about a Catholic … Continued

An African View of the Palin Video

I just again watched the video clip of Sarah Palin being prayed for by the Kenyan preacher, Pastor Muthee, and … Continued

Obama, McCain, Palin and Religious (In)Tolerance

Ignorance and intolerance of the faiths or lack of faith of others is a huge problem in a world where … Continued

Will You Defend My Constitutional Rights?

It so happens that I have some burning questions to ask Sarah Palin. The internet is buzzing with information and … Continued

Ho Ho Ho: We Spit On Heathen “Happy Holiday” Greetings

This annual nonsense about so-called political correctness “taking the Christ out of Christmas” must come from people who walk around … Continued

Burmese Protests Transcend Politics

The monk-led protests in Burma are about spiritual authority as much as they are about raw political power. They are … Continued