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Is All Life Really Sacred?

Did Kelly Gissendaner’s transformation story capture our attention because she is a white woman?

Lessons from the Single Biggest Execution in American History

In the face of great anger and violence, Abraham Lincoln and an influential Episcopalian bishop sought reason and mercy.

Living with Grace in the Shadow of Death Row

Reflections on “I Am Troy Davis” and the famous death row inmate from a minister who visited him in prison for years.

Tennessee Death Row Inmates Invite Governor to Pray with Them

Can Governor Haslam interrupt the patterns of death in Tennessee — and find alternatives to the logic of killing?

Thank you, Marlie

Like those who chose to order the pizzas for Workman, every once in while, true heartache tears me from my spiritual languor.

On Pizza and Jesus

Where does a pro-life, anti-war vegetarian with a boyfriend in the military fit in?