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When gay-bashing goes viral

Brad Loper AP Dale Robinson waves his flag for people driving by a rally of the Dallas LGBT Community to … Continued

Talking Christianity, walking privilege

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jesus and about why it’s so difficult for members of Congress to follow Him. … Continued

‘Assassin’s Creed III’: Is this ‘America the beautiful’?

March madness, indeed. Watching the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, I happened to catch an advertisement for a video game called … Continued

Educate, not legislate, on morality

Oh those devilish details… once again they’ve given us Virginians a chance to shine in the international spotlight. “Legalized rape,” … Continued

Why I hate politics but love America

Charles Dharapak AP Republican presidential candidates pose for a photo at the start of the South Carolina Republican presidential candidate … Continued

A truly ‘Christian’ candidate?

2012 has begun; it’s a presidential election year, and I want to ask the 78 percent if they’d be willing … Continued

Beyond a ‘loss of faith’

Fifty-nine thousand-plus On Faith readers recommended Thomas L. Day’s November 11th essay “Penn State, my final loss of faith.” Thirty-three … Continued

What would it take for you to really live your faith?

It baffles me why so many politicians who tout their Christian credentials are millionaires. They claim they’re willing to follow … Continued

Rick Perry and educated sex

So how, I want to know, did sex become a political issue? Talk about advocating intrusive government! If your mind … Continued

For Congress, time for ‘Arrogance Anonymous’?

I’d like to suggest the formation of a new 12 Step program for certain members of Congress: Arrogance Anonymous. My … Continued

Organized religion is big business

By Martha Woodroof The Washington National Cathedral, photographed by Jonathan Newton– The Washington Post It’s the economy, stupid . . … Continued

‘Tis the season for personal reinvention

By Martha Woodroof ‘Tis the season of personal reinvention. Armed with hope and good intentions, most of us see a … Continued

Do I need to tolerate the intolerant?

By Martha Woodroof Is it OK to Intolerate Newt? I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to put up … Continued

What’s organized religion got to do with whether or not God is?

By Martha Woodroof Christopher Hitchens’ tussle with metastasized esophageal cancer has brought death back as a hot topic among those … Continued

Righteous talk vs. righteous living

By Martha Woodroof Faith, worship and approval ratings . . . There has been a great deal written lately challenging … Continued

Has religion run its course?

By Martha Woodroof Have organized religions simply run their course? We’re not stuck with them, you know, just because they’ve … Continued

Are we brave enough for faith?

Martha Woodroof Round 4 Are we brave enough for faith . . . Martha note: This is round four of … Continued

Religions are irreconcilable, people are not

Are all religions the same? The Dalai Lama, who just celebrated his 75th birthday, often refers to the ‘oneness’ of … Continued

Faith Unboxed: God can be experienced, not explained

By Martha WoodroofPublic radio contributorFaith Unboxed As people of faith, should we concern ourselves with God’s nature, relatives, ways and … Continued

Can we talk about faith, not religion?

By Martha WoodroofPublic radio contributor I am a person of faith who is not religious. By this I mean that … Continued