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Mid-Term Elections Showed Electorate Anger at Misuse of Religion

Candidates have used their personal religious views in past presidential campaigns and I see that this election will be no … Continued

“Everybody Talkin’ About Heaven Ain’t Going There”

African-American folk wisdom is important here. If American voters demand religious rhetoric from political candidates as a litmus test of … Continued

Politicians’ Personal Faith Only Relevant As It Affects Their Public Policies

In previous presidential campaigns — and while some presidents are in office — we have sometimes witnessed the cynical manipulation … Continued

Women Still Reminded To Know Their ‘Place’

I am certainly not qualified to comment on how well or badly women have fared in the world’s religions through … Continued

With A Loving God, Gender Equality Reigns

Several years ago a friend asked me and a number of her other friends to write essays on what it … Continued

Women and the Goddess

Women have not faired well under most religions for the last five thousand years or so. But let’s take the … Continued

Religions Built on Men’s Fear of Being Expendable

Why have women fared badly in religions? Women make babies and men do not. This fundamental fact of human existence … Continued

A Review of Ed Young’s

OUTRAGEOUS, CONTAGIOUS JOY: Five Big Questions to Help You Discover One Great Life by Ed Young Berkley Praise. 342 pp. … Continued

Stereotypical ‘Female’ Qualities Are Core of What Jesus Taught

For me, one of the most profoundly moving scenes in the New Testament is the moment when Mary Magdalene, confronted … Continued

Original Egalitarian Order of Most Religions ‘Hijacked’ by Men

While negative attitudes towards women is not present in the birth of all religions, patriarchy has still managed to find its way.

Religious Restrictions On Women Are Men’s Way of Avoiding Temptation

My grandmother, in a Hasidic household in Warsaw Poland at the turn of the last century, had all the hair … Continued

WHY Women are More Religious Than Men

In my most recent posting on women and religion, I raised the baffling question of why women are more religious … Continued

Respect For Women Yes, Worship of Goddesses No

Women have fared very badly indeed in religions throughout history, is the short answer. Most large-scale religions, like most aspects … Continued

Moves For Equality May Have Ancient Roots

On the whole, women have fared badly in religions down the ages, though others may have a different view. But … Continued

Women, More Than Men, Are Faith-Filled

I’m not a woman, so I can’t speak from personal experience. Nor have I lived “down through the ages,” so … Continued

Women Benefit More Than Men from Religious Involvement

The question of how women have fared in the world’s religions can be understood in two ways. First, have women … Continued

Cultures Can Overpower Egalitarian Impulse of Religions

Most cultures have been patriarchal, and the world’s religions have for the most part sanctified patriarchy, legitimating it in their … Continued

Jesus Would Be Offended by Church Discrimination Against Women

God created us in His image. He created us male and female. Nothing God creates is inferior, though both male … Continued

Spiritual Identity Theft

If atheism is popular, it’s probably because it is more fashionable to be different. Wearing baggy pants almost to the … Continued

Our Goddess Weeps At Our Wars

The war in Iraq is a disaster on every level, moral, spiritually, humanitarian, military. Trying to improve the situation by … Continued