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Iraq Does Not Fit Jewish Tradition of ‘Just War’

There are, of course, various examples of a ‘just war’, and the Jewish tradition has always believed that such a … Continued

Don’t Try to ‘Perfume’ War With Religious Claims

If there were such a thing as a just war, the second Iraq adventure would certainly not qualify. This was … Continued

Morally Wrong to Abandon Iraq Simply To Save Ourselves

War is evil. War represents a failure of leadership. Nevertheless, as this is a far from perfect world, I believe … Continued

To Escalate The War Now Is Criminal

That Jesus called us to non-violence and not to “just wars” is painfully clear. And the fact that Jesus said … Continued

American Christians Must Recover Faith’s Early Emphasis on Non-violence

As a Christian who seeks to take Jesus seriously, I have an ultimate commitment to non-violence and a reluctant acceptance … Continued

Relying on Faith Instead of Facts Brought Moral Calamity

How religious zealotry led the United States into a twenty-first century crusade.

Fulfilling King’s Dream Needs ‘Great Spiritual Awakening’

Many citizens of my generation remember where they were when they first heard the news of the assassination of Martin … Continued

We “Blew It” in Iraq

Christian philosophers centuries ago invented the concept of a “just war” in an effort to render war-making less capricious and … Continued

Iraq: No Just War

The just war doctrine has a long established history and plays an important role in international affairs. Many if not … Continued

“Just War” or Just More War?

An increase of troops in Iraq is not the pursuit of a “Just War,” it is just more war. Indeed, … Continued

Our Unjust War Leaves A Mess To Clean Up

Traditional “just war” teaching had its origins when the early church rejected the pagan notion that the gods of war … Continued

Joint Chiefs of Staff Colonel Chaplain Examines Concept of Just War

The classic Theory of Just War contains two components: the justness of the cause to go to war, and the … Continued

Whose Justice, Whose War?

When President Bush told The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward that he consulted a “Higher Father” before going to war in … Continued

War Continues Because Humans Do Not Make Peace With God

Before getting to the question of “just war,” which theologians and politicians have been arguing for centuries, what about the … Continued

Do we know our moral presumptions?

Let’s admit it. Christianity, my faith tradition, has a mixed history on war. Though Jesus embodied a radical ethic of … Continued


When I was fifteen, during my Hebrew High School summer in Israel, we were coming back from a trip one … Continued

A Simple Prayer, A Radical Idea

Like many people, I have long experienced a feeling of God when I’m in nature, especially after a long run, … Continued

A Moment in Madison Square Garden

When Billy Graham conducted his 1957 “Crusade” in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, I was in my final year … Continued

Selfless Consciousness Without Faith

I recently spent an afternoon on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee, atop the mount where Jesus is … Continued

Mystical Experiences of God

My most formative religious experiences were a series of mystical experiences. They began to occur in my early thirties. They … Continued