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Religious Americans Want Views Welcomed in Public Square

It is both inaccurate historically and inappropriate theologically to describe America as a “Christian nation.” Historically, America was an attempt … Continued

American Christians Are Deeply Divided

The United States has more Christians than any country in the world, both in numbers and as a per cent … Continued

“Christian Nation” A Label That Disrespects God

Thomas Jefferson said it best. In his work “A Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom” he wrote: “Almighty God hath created … Continued

Protecting Democracy Comes Before Promoting Faith

Preserving democratic secularism in the face of a growing faction of religious extremism.

A Nation of Christians, Not a Christian Nation

Is America a “Christian nation?” The question is not as simple as might first appear. Better to say that this … Continued

Pledge of Allegiance Gets It Right

Many years ago, when I was growing up as a Muslim-American teen in New York’s Tappan Zee High School, every … Continued

U.S. Founded on Religious Freedom Not One Faith

As a Pagan who was raised Jewish, I’m obviously going to answer, ‘No!” The U.S. is a pluralistic nation, founded … Continued

“Christian Nation” A Label Christ Rejected

America is not and its Christians should not want it to be “a Christian Nation.” It is a Christian-influenced nation, … Continued

Give the Gift of the Divine Feminine This Holiday

I count myself fortunate to be a child of many kinds of mothers and fathers when it comes to my … Continued

The Gift of Perspective

Why it’s important to give children a lesson in historical perspective when sharing our beliefs with them.

Parents Need to Get A Life, I Mean A Spiritual Life

There ought to be an oath for parents and pastors like the oath doctors take, based on Hippocrates: “Make a … Continued

Conveying That Faith Is A Most Ordinary Thing

My wife and I are at the very beginning of this particular journey. Our children are four and two, and … Continued

Doubt: The Perfect Gift

I don’t accept the premise of the question–that “millions of Americans in mixed marriages are unsure about their conception of … Continued

A Parent’s Gift To A Child: Speaking of God

Parental conversations about something as fundamental as what to teach children about God should be held before marriage, especially if … Continued

Joined At The Heart

To the extent that parents in a mixed-faith marriage are joined at the heart, and to the extent that that … Continued

Don’t Tell Them Anything They’ll Need to Unlearn

Our children deserve to know the stories that matter to us. So tell them the stories of your tradition –and … Continued

Say Something!

Two words: “Say something.” I can’t tell you how many college students who grew up in interfaith households have told … Continued

Parents Should Share Doubts As Well as Beliefs

Family stresses are often at their greatest during holiday time, in part because millions of people all over the world … Continued

God Is Within, the Sufi Poet Wrote

Just over 300 years ago, the Muslim Sufi poet Bulleh Shah, while a student at a madrassa (Islamic school) in … Continued

You Can’t Go Wrong with ‘God is Love’.

One Christmas when I was a local church pastor, I was giving the children’s sermon. I sat on the steps … Continued