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Trust The Child

Let the conversation begin with wonder….I’ve just co-directed a three year project on The Child in Religion, Law, and Society … Continued

Strengthening Moderates in All Faiths

Implicit in “On Faith’s” latest question is a broader one affecting the interests not just of all religions, but the … Continued

What Some Denominations Say About Homosexual Members

We asked some denominations if non-celibate homosexuals can be members in good standing of their faith. Here’s what they said: … Continued

Christianity’s Record Not Blameless

At Regensburg Pope Benedict XVI, quoting the words of a Byzantine emperor, said that the message of Islam was evil … Continued

“First, Take the Log Out Of Your Own Eye.”

Yes, we do have to tackle the tough questions in interfaith dialogue. I believe that is what Pope Benedict XVI … Continued

Faith Tempered By Reason Is An Antidote To Violence

In pure theological terms, Christianity and Islam have a lot in common. We share sacred texts, a received revelation that … Continued

Courageous Muslims Should Be Supported

It is time to stop pretending that the “more violent and extreme elements” within Islam constitute a tiny minority and … Continued

Fence-Mending Still Needed

How many times after I made an utterance I wished I had not spoken quite so quickly and wanted to … Continued

Muslim Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

On October 12th an Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI signed by 38 Muslim scholars from around the world was … Continued

Praise More Desirable Now Than Condemnation

I’ve often remarked that every pope needs a good editor. Most papal encyclicals are too long and the typical papal … Continued

Pope Put Himself At Physical Risk By Going To Turkey

The Pope’s remarks September 20 in Regensburg, Germany were in the context of a theological address and appeal for dialogue … Continued

Turks Troubled by Pope’s Refusal to Apologize

Pope Benedict’s visit to Turkey comes at a critical time in the Papacy’s relations with Islam and Muslims. However, it … Continued

“Thanks-giving” Is Religious Act

Thanksgiving is emphatically a religious holiday, but a non-exclusive one. Most religions have rites through which they give thanks at … Continued

Interfaith Thanksgiving Services Made Jews Feel Welcome

Of course Thanksgiving, focused as it is on assessing our lives, creating common rituals, and generally thanking and supplicating the … Continued

Gratitude Is A Powerful Motivator

Gratitude can’t be neatly packaged into a particular holiday any more than religious faith can be shoehorned into a weekly … Continued

A Thanksgiving Dream Come True

Thanksgiving will always be a religious experience for me… I was still in school when my family migrated to the … Continued

Thanksgiving As An Environmental Holiday

The origins of Thanksgiving are as a celebration of the bounty of the creation and the gifts of the Creator. … Continued

Thanks to Commenters

Since we’re at the end of the first week of this new religion blog, I want to take a moment … Continued

Thanksgiving A Tradition But Not An Obligation

The first Thanksgiving to God in the Calvinist tradition occurred in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts during the summer of 1623. The … Continued

The Consummate American Holiday

Abraham Lincoln knew he was in tricky territory. It was the first week of October 1863, and the president was … Continued