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Saying Grace

I am sitting here looking at a beautiful picture of my family. My husband and son, my parents, my brother … Continued

Gratitude Leads To Happiness

Officially, Thanksgiving Day in the United States is not a religious holiday. However, those who give thanks on that holiday … Continued

Thanksgiving: It’s Source and Meaning?

In American history, Thanksgiving has been a “religious holiday” at least in the sense that most people have understood themselves … Continued

More on Belief and Diversity

I’ve been meaning to respond to some of the comments on the first week’s question, but it’s been such a … Continued

Reasoned Argument

The Jesuit theologian John Courtney Murray was fond of quoting a Dominican named Thomas Gilby who insisted that civilizations rest … Continued

Grapes By Any Other Name

Wine is a commonly used metaphor for truth and knowledge in Muslim Sufi poetry and folklore. When the celebrated Muslim … Continued

Seeking Truth Requires Internal Courage

Yes, conversation is possible even with those persons, religious or otherwise, who believe that they have a monopoly on the … Continued

Diversity Brings Resilience

I’m a Pagan and a polytheist, and our traditions teach that truth always wears many faces, and the sacred has … Continued

Faith Is Necessary

Faith is not something done by the gullible or those who happen to be religious. We are all people of … Continued

We Are Already In The Conversation

I had a young parishioner who had come to New York from her native Maylasia to work in a successful … Continued

Engaging Without Rancor

There’s nothing wrong with believing you’re right, or having strong convictions. Yet in approaching religious conversations we have more options … Continued

No Time for Arrogance

Any evangelical who thinks we have no common ground with folks who disagree with us has not been paying attention … Continued

Concern for Neighbor Can Trump Belief Monopoly

“I’m right, you’re wrong, and it’s too bad you’re going to hell” can be a conversation stopper! Globalization and with … Continued

Dialogue of the Dumb

One of many naive American beliefs is that all we need to do is talk to one another and our … Continued

Finding Common Ground on Higher Ground

On the road recently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was doing another book store event and signing for God’s Politics. In … Continued

Not With Fanatics

The fanatic does not believe in dialogue; I do. How then is conversation between us possible?

Real Conversation is Truth-Centered Conversation

Asked once to name the most important word in the Gospels, the late Pope John Paul II quickly replied, “Truth.” … Continued

Some Basic Definitions

Because Pagan and Wiccan spiritual traditions are unfamiliar to many people or misunderstood, I’m going to post here some basic … Continued

No One Can Have the Last Word on God

In ancient India, the priests used to hold a contest called the Brahmodya to find a verbal formula that expressed … Continued

Faith Won’t Heal a Divided World

Most Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God and, therefore, divine; Muslims, however, believe that Jesus was not … Continued