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Dumb Dialogue

The devil made me do it. When I was promoting my book “Freethinkers,” I agreed to appear on a right-wing … Continued

Democratic etiquette and the religious right

Though hearty pro-life advocates, the Religious Right seems to have a double standard in their indifference towards torture.

Religious Convictions Need Not Impede Search for Common Ground on Societal Issues

God alone has a “monopoly” on truth. He is Truth—which means that truth is defined in relation to the God revealed in Scripture.

God’s Greatness Defeats All Efforts to Monopolize Truth

If we believe that religious people can miss the point and work against God, we will carry a certain suspicion of religion itself, including our own.

No Vegetables, Please

When believers claim their holy texts are infallible, they automatically excuse themselves from serious, open-minded discourse.

The Christian Faith…Offers Hope Founded in Objective Truth

The Christian Faith flourishes today, because it offers hope founded in objective truth and faith that is produced by answers to sincere questions.

The Problem Is Not Faith, but Faithful

I have often said the problem is never the faith – it is the faithful, and how they behave towards each other.

Godtalk and Godwalk

Religion isn’t just talking the talk, it’s walking the walk. If you get talking (conversation) too far away from walking … Continued

Monopoly & Genocide

Those who claim a monopoly on religious truth know that, if all error-mongers are dead, their own claim would be factually correct.

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“When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.”