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Petition seeks to boot Kansas lawmaker Mike O’Neal in Psalm flap

Thousands of Kansans have signed a petition calling for the resignation of a top state lawmaker who, referring to President … Continued

Violence and the #occupy movement

Don Ryan AP A protester carries a sign referring to Scott Olsen, who was seriously injured at an Occupy event … Continued

How abortion frames conservative politics

Charlie Neibergall AP Republican presidential candidates pose for a photo before the start of the Iowa GOP/Fox News Debate at … Continued

Will Obama preach the American sermon to Hu?

In President Obama’s meetings with Chinese President Hu Jintao this week, should discussion of human rights and religious freedom be … Continued

People of faith just as fed up as nonbelievers

This weekend, Jon Stewart is holding “a rally to restore sanity” on the mall, two months after Glenn Beck’s religion-infused … Continued

Beck’s infusion of religion into civic life

By Becky Garrison Father James Martin, SJ reflects how one can find some underlying Christian reasons for confronting hypocrisy: “Remember … Continued

Moral case for financial reform

By John GehringCatholics in Alliance for the Common Good As financial reform legislation stalls in the Senate for the moment … Continued

Update: Religious Health Care Supporters Launching Campaign

By William Wan In the latest escalation of health care battle, faith leaders supporting the health care reform announced Friday … Continued

Health Reform and Faith Groups

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Religious organizations–most of them progressive–are launching an all-out effort to push for health reform. With rallies, … Continued

New Liberal Faith Group Takes on Global Warming

By Jacqueline L. Salmon One of the first efforts by American Values Network, the new progressive faith organization launched by … Continued

Beyond AIG: A Just Economy

By Jennifer ButlerExecutive Director, Faith in Public Life They still don’t get it. Our economy is in shambles, and executives … Continued

A Pro-Life Position Most Religious People Embrace

In giving government support to promising research utilizing stem cells, which can enhance the life and health of millions of … Continued

Brownback’s ‘Real Catholics’ Insult for Real?

A nationwide effort to oppose abortion legislation that doesn’t exist has conjured a controversial anti-abortion fund-raising letter that shouldn’t exist … Continued

The Maturing of America

Over my lifetime, I’ve had the recurring feeling that America was an adolescent nation beginning to come of age. Like … Continued