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The Refugee Crisis Is Our Crisis

Let compassion, not fear, color your response to the 60 million refugees worldwide.

10 Scriptures to Read When You’re Living in Fear

It’s impossible to show the selfless love of Jesus when you’re overcome with fear.

Why We Cannot Settle for a Secular Society

It is only a fear of God that can prevent cruelty and uphold our humanity.

How to Know When To Walk Away From A Relationship

Staying in a relationship out of a fear of being single is a terrible idea. Really.

5 Things You Should Fear — and 5 You Shouldn’t

Bad fears can crush us. Good fears can be cautionary emotions. Which are yours?

Why I’m Absolutely Not Islamophobic

A Presbyterian minister calling Christians to wage war against our Muslim neighbors has Jesus all wrong.

Swiss choose fear over freedom

Switzerland’s ban on minarets eloquently testifies to a society ill-equipped to deal with Islam, by virtue of being ill-equipped to deal with faith.

Thank God I’m a City Girl

I would not allow myself be humbled by the vastness of the sky, the complexity of the forest, the coldness of the air.