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The Rick Santorum time machine

It’s impossible for some of us to understand why and how former senator Rick Santorum, who has zero qualifications to … Continued

Rick Santorum: Voters endorsed ‘centrality of faith’

“You stood with a guy ….you knew, shared your values, and was going to go out and work for you … Continued

Can a Christian be a libertarian?

Charlie Neibergall AP U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, speaks during a news conference at his newly opened Iowa campaign office, … Continued

Why the world needs faith

There will be no peace in our world without an understanding of the place of religion within it. The past … Continued

From Jesus’ socialism to capitalistic Christianity

A truly strange thing has happened to American Christianity. A set of profound contradictions have developed within modern conservative Christianity, … Continued

American mythology in a post-bin Laden world

After the initial reactions to the death of Osama Bin Laden fade, we will still be left with the fundamental … Continued

Texas School Board: The “common good” as liberal conspiracy

By John GehringDirector of Communications Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good The Texas School Board has approved controversial new … Continued

A theistic balance on the court

Those who worry about a balance on the Supreme Court of adherents to Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Protestant Christianity and other … Continued

Red Tories and tea parties

Unorthodoxy By Patrick J. Deneen On the evening of Thursday, March 18, and much of the following Friday afternoon, there … Continued

A deeply spiritual man with a shallow theology

Oral Roberts lived and believed in the American dream. He was also a devoted Christian. The tension between the two … Continued

Moralism without morality

Unorthodoxy By Patrick J. Deneen A recent post on this site raises some serious issues, and I think reveals a … Continued

Free Market’s “Invisible Hand” Not a Fist

JUST LAW AND RELIGION By Michael Kessler Amid the global financial meltdown, the old debate about how much governments should … Continued

Economic Crisis: Some Are Guilty All Are Responsible

Well, I guess the conservative philosophy of “faith” in free markets that has dominated America for the past 28 years … Continued

Healthy Economy Requires Moral Restraint

The American economy is the strongest in the world, and will continue to be. But as many have warned, free … Continued

If We Rely On Faith To Fix The Economy, We’ll All Need Charity

One practice that the right-wing religious base of the Republican Party definitely does recognize as a sin is what used … Continued

Reflections on Russia

I have wanted to visit Russia my entire life. I have dreamed of it, hoped for it, and been disappointed … Continued

Charity, not Greed

Greed is Hell’s parody of love. Like an email alerting you to your unexpected Nigerian lottery winnings, it looks good … Continued