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Should Christians support intervention in Syria? No.

Aug. 21, 2013Activists inspect the bodies of people they say were killed in a toxic gas attack. Activists allege that … Continued

Churches move to cut ties to Scouts after gay policy change

For the Rev. Ernest Easley, the decision to cut ties with the Boy Scouts was simple. The Bible says homosexuality … Continued

A Conservative rabbi’s case for marriage equality

I’m a rabbi, so I support marriage equality. My support of marriage equality is an expression of my faith. It … Continued

A Holocaust film that must be seen

Countries, like individuals, have sinister histories from which they cannot escape. At best, they may be able to come to … Continued

Catholic business owner: HHS mandate violates our fundamental principles

“We feel that all Americans deserve the right to follow their religious freedom. All Americans, including family business owners, have … Continued

Obama issues proclamation for National Day of Prayer

BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION Throughout our history, whether in times of great joy … Continued

Vatican chooses pragmatism over principle

The recent revelations of documents related to the case of the late Father Lawrence Murphy have brought the sexual abuse … Continued

Dear World Religious Leaders

Dear “A Common Word” Conference Participants: It is my pleasure to present to you letters from the class of 2015 … Continued

Puerto Rico’s Justice

While much of the world’s attention is focused on protests in Iran, Puerto Rico quietly advances its case against U.S. … Continued

God and Country Don’t Mix at School

A Florida judge has ordered an elementary school to keep a country song entitled “In God We Still Trust” out … Continued

Blasphemy from Kabul to Philly

A student journalist faces a 20-year prison term for blasphemy. His crime? Circulating an article about women in Islam, that … Continued

The End of WMDs

This month I was privileged to join a distinguished group of 100 international political, military, business and civic leaders in … Continued

God On Our Side

Whenever I hear someone say, “God is on my side,” I think, “Yep! Just another argument for polytheism.” Because, hey, … Continued

Can Wright’s Rants Lead to Real Discussion?

The Question: Jeremiah Wright’s sermons continue to be an issue in the presidential campaign. Why? What do you think of … Continued

Ar-Rahman, the All Merciful

One of my favorite selections from the Qur’an is the chapter called Ar-Rahman, which can be translated as the all-Merciful, … Continued

Jesus Planted Revolutionary Seed Of Male-Female Equality

Within a patriarchal culture, Jesus and his followers planted seeds of revolution, including equality for women. Through the sweep of … Continued