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Let’s Appreciate the Bible’s Contradictions

There’s much to be gained when we explore the quirks of sacred scripture.

How Genesis Really Transcends Liberalism and Fundamentalism

Genesis 1 is meant to teach the deeper theological truth that the world was created and who created it.

Evangelical Christianity Is — or Was — So Punk Rock

The modern evangelical movement has a lot more in common with punk rock than most people realize — including most evangelicals.

Why Would a Fundamentalist Christian Become an Atheist?

Our data-driven conversation about religion obscures more than it reveals about the nature of belief and non-belief.

Reza Aslan’s Viral Jesus

With his bestselling book, Reza Aslan started a movement that has people talking about religion like never before.

Pastors Must Relate to Their Congregations Honestly

Part eight of the OnFaith Forum “Disbelief in the Pulpit.”