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A Palestinian Violist Plays the Sound of Hope

Can a church’s musical presentation speak into the world’s most pressing conflicts?

As Online Anti-Semitism Grows, So Do Efforts to Counter It

The Gaza conflict has sparked a wave of counter speech, with organizations debunking anti-Semitic myths and stereotypes on blogs, forums, and social media.

#WeAreN and #YouAreNot

Whose suffering matters to you? With whom are you willing to stand?

How Millennial Evangelicals See the Israeli-Palestine Conflict

Millennial Christians are developing views of Israel that are distinct from their parents’ pro-Israel perspective. Here’s why.

Is No One Willing to Help the Gazans?

We need people with honesty and integrity to challenge the dehumanizing drift of our global society.

A Somber Eid in West Bank

Usually a time of joy, the first day of Eid al-Fitr has been marked by mourning for the lost lives in Gaza.

Why Liberals Should Love Israel

An analysis of Israeli society reveals a country embracing individual freedom, equality, and unity.

What Violence in Northern Ireland Can Teach Us About Turmoil in Gaza Today

Looking back on Bloody Friday, The Troubles, and sectarian violence in Northern Ireland.

Breaking the Ramadan Fast in the Company of Jews

Despite continuing violence in Israel and Gaza, Muslims and Jews are coming together this Ramadan to promote interfaith community.