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Francis, the peace pope

Francis’ anti-war rhetoric is quickly earning him a unique place in papal history.

Evangelical Catholics on offense

STEFANO RELLANDINI REUTERS Pope Benedict XVI waves to faithful from his ‘Popemobile’ upon his arrival to conduct an open-air mass … Continued

Nuns push back on Vatican report, calling it unsubstantiated and scandal-causing

JIM WATSON AFP/GETTY IMAGES A building in Silver Spring, Maryland, April 23, 2012, which houses the office for the Leadership … Continued

Does Pope Benedict support Occupy Wall Street?

Vincenzo Pinto AFP/Getty Images Pope Benedict XVI waves to pilgrims in St Peter’s Square in Vatican City on Oct. 23, … Continued

Creative tension: ‘Purpose Driven,’ vs. ‘Retro’ Catholics

I avoid writing about “liberal” and “conservative” Catholics. These terms are too easily politicized as Democrats v. Republicans. Moreover, the … Continued

Church’s real enemy: sin

Pope Benedict XVI has named the chief enemy of the Catholic Church today: the Catholic Church today. With his statements … Continued

Female moral superiority a dubious basis for reform

Once again, courtesy of the pedophilia crisis in the male-dominated Roman Catholic Church and the financial meltdown caused by Wall … Continued

Church and media can do better

Q:A senior Vatican priest last week compared outrage at Pope Benedict’s handling of sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church … Continued

Vatican/clerical abuse updates

Latest developments in the Vatican’s response to cases of clerical sexual abuse in Europe and the U.S.: * Pop star … Continued

Integrity will make the church relevant

By Elizabeth Tenety This week, as more gruesome details of the global Catholic child sex abuse scandal were revealed, Catholic … Continued

Clergy sex abuse: How involved should the State be?

By Michelle Boorstein How involved will civil authorities get in the clergy sex abuse scandals unfolding in Europe? Many people … Continued

Predictions for 2010

Here are ten predictions with a Catholic America twist for 2010. 1. The changes in the liturgy will upset the … Continued

The spiritual value of work

By Mark Judgeauthor, usher The recession has been bad for the economy, and a disaster for us journalists. But it’s … Continued

Catholicism and Anglicanism: the end of an era

The first wave of reactions to the October 20 Vatican announcement of a new arrangement for receiving into the Catholic … Continued

Vatican Insiders and Outsiders

Like most large organizations, the Catholic Church experiences both insiders and outsiders. Some persons are able to use networking, personality … Continued

The Pope and the President: What to Expect

By Jacqueline L. Salmon White House spokesman Robert Gibbs yesterday predicted a “frank talk” on abortion between President Barack Obama … Continued

Liberal Catholics Rejoice in Pope’s Encyclical

By Jacqueline L. Salmon To call progressive Catholics jubilant over today’s encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI is understating the case. … Continued

Wrestling With the Theo-Con

The only thing worse than a politician posing as an intellectual may be an intellectual posing as a politician. The … Continued

Latin Days are Here Again?

(Written for Newsweek.) Is Pope Benedict XVI determined to restore the Latin Mass that many Catholics thought had been consigned … Continued

Immoral Start Begets Immoral Mess

At the core of the problem with our Iraq policy is that this putatively “Christian” president utterly ignored centuries of … Continued