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Why Christmas Makes You Go Into Debt and Donate Money

For both retailers and non-profits, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The Church Needs Bolder Pastors to Boost Giving

Researchers say the decline in charitable giving will continue if congregants don’t embrace Jesus’ teachings on the poor.

Let’s Keep the Offering Plate

It might be old school of me, but I think there’s something important about giving in our place of worship.

What Will the End of the Offering Plate Mean for Christian Worship?

Passing the plate has a short history. It may have a short future, too.

Why Do You Give?

Generosity is at the root of God’s love for us. Gratitude then ought to be at the root of our generosity.

Churches Need A New Giving Model

Nearly 85 percent of every dollar given in the U.S. has the potential to go to churches. We just have to learn how to ask for it.

Before Easter, An Essential Penance

What I unexpectedly learned about giving up while attending my 25th high school reunion.

Thank you, Marlie

Like those who chose to order the pizzas for Workman, every once in while, true heartache tears me from my spiritual languor.