God Delusion

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How to read (and think) like an atheist

There were two categories of teenagers in the 1950s: those who could name one book by an atheist and those … Continued

Silverman Concedes U.S. Senate Race

  Courtesy of Herb Silverman Herb Silverman It is with a heavy (10.5-ounce) heart that I tell my millions of … Continued

Dawkins: Don’t need God to be good … or generous

AFP/GETTY IMAGES British author and scientist Richard Dawkins attending the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2007. Freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, secular humanists … Continued

Atheists don’t own reason

The new atheists–participants in the contemporary anti-religion movement led by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, the late Christopher Hitchens, among others–are … Continued

Who would rally against reason?

March 24th is a landmark date for Washington, D.C. Thousands will converge on the world’s leading capital city to celebrate … Continued

Why Richard Dawkins is still an atheist

In October 2008 I attended a lecture by the Christian apologist John Lennox. He could hardly contain his excitement because … Continued

How to make atheism matter

If I were in charge of American atheism–which I am not, but then again who is?–I would ask myself the … Continued

Grinch who stole crèche-mas

By Colin Hanna The “Christmas Wars” are once again raging on the lawn in front of the Chester County (PA) … Continued

Why God Won’t Go Away: Reflections on the “New Atheism”

By Alister McGrathKing’s College London and Contributor to Patheos.com The term “New Atheism” was invented in 2006. Gary Wolf was … Continued

Atheism no longer an unquestioned pejorative

A blogger writes earlier this week, “I like your spirited, historically based analysis of the need for public school education … Continued

The wonder of religion

By Sam Keen author, editor Religion is under attack by a new breed of militant atheists such as Christopher Hitchens, … Continued

Unity: The Best Case for God

By Stephen V. Andersonadjunct professor, SUNY-Albany In the few moments before He was betrayed, Christ’s thoughts and prayers were directed … Continued

Choosing Tylenol and God

By Barbara Bradley HagertyNPR’s Religion Correspondent I would like to say I left the faith of my childhood for exclusively … Continued

Praying for Theocracy in Okla.

Last time we checked in on the Oklahoma legislature, some members were trying (unsuccessfully) to remove from the official record … Continued

Why the God Delusion Won’t Go Away

A Baltimore mother accused of joining a cult and starving her child says she was acting on her religious beliefs. … Continued

Believers Can Be Reasonable

The “new atheist” attacks on religion agree on this much: Religion is toxic. Religion–all religion–is “dangerous,” assert Richard Dawkins in … Continued

Fear of God and Darwin

Visit a public school biology class in Alabama today, and you may likely find a sticker on the textbook disclaiming … Continued

A Path Religion and Science Can Follow

Today, with the ongoing controversy about the teaching of intelligent design as a counter balance to Darwinian evolutionary theory, and … Continued

Welcome to

Celebrating the major transitions in life is as old as humanity. Even before there was organized religion, people marked key … Continued

Believing In Things Unseen Is Not Delusion

I am honored to be here tonight, and I thank my friend Cal Thomas for the invitation. I am, as … Continued