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Church and state in France and the United States

Translated from the French by Jacques Berlinerblau A sociological approach to political secularism would define it according to its four … Continued

Obama flays the religion card

REUTERS President Obama answers a question from an audience member in front of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during the … Continued

The presidential debates: Religion? Anyone?

Marvin Joseph/The Post and Melina Mara/The Post President Barack attends a campaign event at Bowling Green State University in Bowling … Continued

Can a Christian be a libertarian?

Charlie Neibergall AP U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, speaks during a news conference at his newly opened Iowa campaign office, … Continued

A secular view of Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

By Jacques Berlinerblau President Obama spoke on Thursday morning at the 59th annual National Prayer Breakfast. The gathering is one … Continued

Obama’s State of the Union: bye bye faith and values, hello education?

By Jacques Berlinerblau “So, Jacques, what’s the over/under on tonight’s ‘Scripture bombs’?” That’s a question reporters sometimes used to ask … Continued

Charity doesn’t require religion

A deal President Obama struck with Republican leaders last week will extend tax cuts across the board including, controversially, to … Continued

A Convenient Love

Why do so many American politicians — from Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford — use religious language when they make … Continued

Obama’s Speech Must Change America, Too

By Moez MasoudEgyptian televangelist America, a nation that understandably prides itself on the ideals upon which it was founded, failed … Continued

Faithful How, Pray Tell

Written in response to The League’s question: Is there too much God in football? As someone who writes regularly about … Continued

Top Faith & Values Stories of 2008 (Vol. 1)

As promised, here are some of the most important Faith and Values stories of the 2008 election (compare them, if … Continued

Obama’s Victory by the Numbers

The not-very-tightly-knit community of Faith and Values pundits is unevenly divided between Narrative People and Numbers People. The latter perform … Continued

Last Debate: Avoiding God and Palin

If you knew absolutely nothing about the United States (but wanted to know) and predicated your quest for knowledge solely … Continued

Biden, Palin Focus on Issues, not Ideology

After a campaign overflowing with God-talk – the Compassion Forum and the Saddleback Forum , Obama’s reaching out to Evangelicals … Continued

Echoes of Bhutan

In the midst of the gripping political dramas dominating our news cycle, images of Bhutan (where I was earlier this … Continued

For Hillary and Dems, God Talk a Whisper

Hillary Clinton delivered a resplendent, American Odyssey of a speech last night. In so doing, she may have finally reanimated … Continued

Michelle Obama’s Bid for Hillary Voters

Michelle Obama’s speech last night in Denver was quite skillfully executed. I would describe it as “a refreshing secular surprise.” … Continued

Biden Not the Faith-Based Answer

In terms of Faith and Values politicking, it’s kind of hard to get psyched up about the prospect of Joe … Continued

Meanwhile, Back at McCain Headquarters . . .

Barack Obama, that spry Prometheus of the Religious Politicking Heavens, graciously offers observers of Faith and Values outreach something to … Continued

Does McCain 2008 = Kerry 2004?

When it comes to religious politicking, some really intriguing (and ominous) parallels are developing between McCain of 2008 and Kerry … Continued