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Religion and politics after bin Laden

As details surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden continue to emerge, this week’s episode of The God Vote, hosted … Continued

Obama’s Easter prayer: ‘There’s something about the resurrection’

On the morning of April 19, 2011, President Obama hosted the second annual Easter Prayer Breakfast. “I wanted to host … Continued

This week, religion poses perplexing questions in the public square

In this week’s episode of The God Vote, Sally Quinn and Jacques Berlinerblau discuss the global implications of Florida Pastor … Continued

Faith in 2012

With no clear frontrunner for 2012, Republicans candidates have been tasked with unraveling a political Gordian Knot: winning both social … Continued

Who owns civility?

Unorthodoxy Patrick J. Deneen In the wake of the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona, a chorus of voices – mainly, … Continued

The God Vote: Imam Feisal Rauf

By Sam Dinger WATCH: “The core principles of Sharia are analogous to the core principles of the Constitution,” says the … Continued

Immigration reform: The view from the faith side

By Katherine MarshallFAITH IN ACTION The irony is familiar but still troubling: America, a nation proudly built by and for … Continued

Islamist politics or American fears?

By Dean K. Lieberman One of most prominent questions facing international commentators today: are Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya (if Qaddafi … Continued

Obama’s State of the Union: bye bye faith and values, hello education?

By Jacques Berlinerblau “So, Jacques, what’s the over/under on tonight’s ‘Scripture bombs’?” That’s a question reporters sometimes used to ask … Continued

Is there a case for religious profiling?

By Elizabeth Tenety Asra Nomani, the Muslim writer and activist known for her unconventional thinking on religious issues (see her … Continued

Pew’s preposterous pop quiz

By Jacques Berlinerblau (Editor’s note: Read Pew’s Alan Cooperman’s response to this post here.) The Pew Forum on Religion and … Continued

Don’t Try This at Home!

THE GOD VOTEBy Jacques Berlinerblau The publication of David Plotz’s snarky, bloggy, amusing Good Book has inspired my old ale-house … Continued

Top Faith & Values Stories of 2008 (vol. 2)

Picking up where we left off yesterday, here are the most important Faith and Values stories of 2008: 5. The … Continued

I Am Not Voting in 2008

Did I ever mention that I’m not voting in the 2008 election? It only took me 16 months and 125 … Continued

“A Mass Violation of Federal Tax Law”

Yesterday, the Alliance Defense Fund staged its highly anticipated and controversial “Pulpit Freedom Sunday.” Last night, I spoke by phone … Continued

Boca Bubbies for Barack!

Beliefnet has drawn attention to an innovative PR cum merchandising initiative from the Obama campaign. Religious supporters of the Senator … Continued

McCain: Biker Family Values

I never thought I would write these words, but where is James Dobson of Focus on the Family when you … Continued

John McCain: Remember Him?

For those scholars and journalists covering religious politicking in 2008, John McCain is no muse, no inspired source of ideas … Continued

No Need to Pray for the Obama Campaign

“Well, if that’s the way he runs his campaign, I don’t really know if I want this guy to be … Continued

FAQs About Obama’s Faith-Based Foray

This past Saturday Senator Barack Obama was at it again. During an address at African Methodist Episcopal Church in St. … Continued